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Back To Reality…

Thank goodness I had such a great night’s sleep and little man decided to sleep until 8:30am this morning because it was back to reality. I started the morning off running errands and then coming […]

Day 44-End of the Calorie Count

Good Afternoon! I’m just gonna get it out of the way, the Calorie Count Challenge is over!!!! YES!!!!!!! Only yes-ing because I was dying to weigh in LOL. It really wasn’t that bad and I […]

Day 33-I’m A Runner, Ok Almost

Good Afternoon! I started my day bright and early…7:15AM LOL. Zachary’s little voice came over the monitor and I could tell he was in a good mood! Thank goodness because this whole Terrible 2’s at […]

Day 31-Full Moon?

Good Evening! My Mother In Law is a Nurse and works with the elderly and she has always said they know when a Full Moon is coming or something wacky with the planets is going […]


Ok so today totally kicked my behind! It all started with Lea in Kick N Abs class, she wore me out. As I said earlier the hubby was playing demolition man all day, so Zac […]

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