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Feed Your Super Bowl Guests For Under $10

This 6 ingredient recipe can be made in less than 1 hour and for under $10, making it the easiest (Homemade) Super Bowl Meal Ever! Feed Your Super Bowl Guests for Under $10 #Patriots #Eagles […]

Man Style Eating

If you’re living in the USA then odds are you are either watching Sunday Football at your house, going to someone else’s house, or going to bar……regardless where ever you go there’s going to be […]

Day 12, Fun Day

Good evening friends! How are all of you kicking off Labor Day weekend? Just for fun let’s do a random Labor Day fun fact! The first Labor Day parade was sponsored by the Central Labor Union in New […]

Dallas Cowboys and Pita Pie

Good Saturday to ya! Did you guys catch the Dallas/Tennessee game last night in the new Cowboy’s stadium?!! Such an awesome stadium, I HAVE to go there for sure. Sorry I wasn’t on last night […]

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