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Day 14, Oh Yes I Did Eat That!

Good Evening Friends! How was everyone’s Sunday? Ours was sooooo much fun! We attended the Newport Waterfront Irish Festival, as I mentioned this morning, with our friends Lauren, Matt, and their son Jayden. We had […]

Day 14, Newport & Parties

Good EARLY Morning to all! I just wanted to jump on really quickly and say good morning. Thank you all so much for the great comments in regards to the radio interview in November! We […]

Hot Tubs Don’t Help Leg Pain!

Good Afternoon! Things didn’t get rolling around here until late this morning. The boys and I slept until 9 AM! I woke up first and then had to wake up the hubby and then into […]

I Love A Rainy Night…

Good Saturday to ya! Here’s a little fun fact of the day: August 1, 1775-The first article proposing women’s rights in America was written by Thomas Paine for the Pennsylvania Magazine, of which he was […]

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