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Day 22, Does It Make A Difference?

Good Monday!!!! How is everyone doing on this Monday? Are you working, playing, maybe making a delicious snack? I personally am chopping away on a Myoplex Lite Bar, I’d show you a picture but it’s […]

Day 12, Interval Bursts & A Moment…

Good FRIDAY!!!!!!! As always TGIF for my working GGH fans eh?! What is on the agenda for every one’s weekend? Anything fun and exciting going on for the holiday weekend? We have some plans and […]

Day 5….

Good Morning! I hope you are all super happy it’s FRIDAY!!! What are your plans for the weekend? Not sure what we will be doing, the hubby is working out of town on Saturday afternoon/night […]


Good Afternoon Friends! Monday mornings typically are my fave but this morning was a little different. On any morning that I take a class Ry, the hubby, watches Zachary. Zac and I usually take a […]

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