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Two Mile Tuesday

So this week has been CRAZZZZYYYY busy and the weird thing is I don’t even feel like I’ve accomplished that much. I haven’t set foot in the gym all week… GASP…. I know right? But […]

Day 33-I’m A Runner, Ok Almost

Good Afternoon! I started my day bright and early…7:15AM LOL. Zachary’s little voice came over the monitor and I could tell he was in a good mood! Thank goodness because this whole Terrible 2’s at […]

Family Day!

Good Afternoon! How is everyone doing on this very warm Fall New England Thursday? I hear from my sources in Texas that it’s cooling off down South, yay for what the south calls Fall and […]

Great Harvest…

Good Afternoon! I was so happy to wake up to some really great new questions for next week’s Dear Tera! Keep them coming. This morning Zachary woke up at 5am and was ready to go for […]

Dear “Abby”,

Tonight’s post will pay homage to one of the greatest advice columnists to ever grace journalism, Abby Landers. I receive so many emails and comments with Questions and I just don’t have time to sit and […]


Good Morning, I’m not in the happiest of places or moods upon writing this post this morning. As some of you may know my Father In Law was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer this past […]

2 miles, Benny’s, a Motorcycle ride, and a Monster…..

and that was all before noon! Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday! The Norberg house is in full swing today. We’ve already put down 2 miles at the park, made breakfast […]

Good Day Sunshine!

What a PERFECT day! The sun is shining, there is a breeze, it’s not to hot not to cold……PERFECT! Zachary and I saw that the sun was up this morning so wee took off for […]

Gorgeous Morning

Good Morning Friends! So after all of yesterday’s amazing activities, and good eats, we were one tired family. I had to go wake Zachary up this morning at 8:45am! He was zonked! Ryan and I […]

Morning Miles Are The BEST!

Good Morning Friends! I love being able to get in a good few miles first thing. I think Mr.Zachary likes getting the miles in as well :). We hit the park a little later than […]

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