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Holiday Beauty With NeoCell

With the Holidays and New Year’s looming in the distance most of us want to look our absolute best for parties, photos, and possibly seeing that one relative….

4 Weeks of Fabulous

The Holidays are upon us!!! That means spending money, wrapping gifts, decorating, parties, parties, and more parties….which in turn leads to food, food, and more food….and you can top all of that off with a […]

Day 47-Jour de l’Action de grâce

Ohhhhhhh Canada…….I’m singing by the way……LOL So Girl Gone Healthy has gone International and Canada is loving some GGH! (and GGH loves Canada 😉 ) As many of you know this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, […]

Day 46- Holiday Challenge

Good Afternoon GGH Nation! You guys are AWESOME! Welcome to the first day of the rest of YOUR life. Are you ready? I’m holding you all accountable to the amazing pledges you have made. Some […]

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