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Feel Fabulous Fall Challenge

First, Happy Halloween!!!!   Now let’s talk about tomorrow, Candy Hangover Day-AKA November 1st! I’m not judging you I’m going to have a little Halloween Treat or 2 myself, I’m not perfect nor am I […]

Monster Dash

Yesterday was probably a day that will live on in my memory for a long time, forever actually. I have said many times before that growing up I was never a runner. I had every […]

Day 67- Tricks, Treats and Veggies

Happy Thursday! So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock…… You are proably well aware that this Saturday is National Candy Temptation Day or in lamens terms, Halloween. The above picture will be so much […]

Day 24, Wicked Wednesday!

Good Evening. (Imagine me saying that in a Dracula accent LOL) So today was a long day because I was tired but it was fun! Ry cleaned out the garage, Zac and I did an […]

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