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To Cardio or Not to Cardio

There is a dividing line in the work out world between Cardio and No Cardio. But to be honest I feel like there is a small grey area where a few of us fall, let me break it down.

Kettle Bells Kick A$$

As I continue on my never ending health and fitness journey I find there are so many different forms of exercise that I absolutely MUST try at least once. I have already knocked lipping tires […]

BIG Announcement: Better Bodies RI

I am so pleased, honored, excited, shocked to announce that I am the Featured Blogger for Better Bodies RI in Cranston, Rhode Island! Over the course of the next month I will be giving you […]

30 minutes with Gym Source

My friends over at Gym Source are promoting 30 minutes of movement a day and if you’re a GGH reader/follower you know I’m a big fan of the good ol 30 minutes a day. Jim, […]

Work It Out

I have been receiving a ton of emails regarding working out on a budget or working around a tough schedule. First, to be honest the whole scheduling thing is a total excuse! Sorry but it’s […]


Happy SUNNY Tuesday from GGH Headquarters in Rhode Island! I was so happy to see the sun peeking through my window this morning. Then I rolled over and realized it was 9:15 am!!! Now most […]


We’ve ALL been there! Whether it’s weight loss, building muscle, training for a race or ride, even just making a healthy life style change…..the PLATEAU….. It’s totally normal and should be expected for one to […]


Hey there! Happy Friday to my working GGH’ers! I hope that you all had an amazing week, working or not. Today was a typical Friday here at Rancho Norberg….not sure where that came from LOL. […]

Killer Work Out & Shopping

Hey y’all! Happy Monday, and a happy Monday it was! This morning started out like a Monday should, by waking up after a great night’s sleep and heading to the gym to get my butt […]

Carbs….and Jordan Knight

Good Evening! I hope all of you had an awesome Saturday. If you follow me on Twitter or you’re a Fan on Facebook then you already know where I spent my Saturday afternoon! At Fit […]

Day 62- Q & A

Good Evening! Tonight we are going to jump right in to one of my favorite types of Girl Gone Healthy posts! I’m doing a Q & A post. Last night on Twitter I hit over […]

Day 4, Now That’s More Like It!

Good Morning Friends! Today is Day 4 and it started out as it should! Up by 7:30 am got the boys going, made a pre-gym power shake, and I was¬†out the door and into Fit […]

What A Day…

Hello GGH World! I hope that all of you are happy it’s Friday! I didn’t even realize it was until about noon, LOL. Today was one of those days where I accomplished absolutely NOTHING on […]

Fit World….

Happy Saturday To Ya! I hope that everyone is having a spectacular weekend thus far. I would just like to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who reached out to GGH after […]

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