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Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was so amazing! A much awaited wedding took place between my Brother in Law Rich and his girlfriend of 10 years Nicole. A new chapter has begun in our family and the […]

Back To Reality…

Thank goodness I had such a great night’s sleep and little man decided to sleep until 8:30am this morning because it was back to reality. I started the morning off running errands and then coming […]

Lattes, Nails, Burritos

Why is there not one thing on TV? LOL Oh well….. This morning I skipped out on the gym and decided to have my nails filled! I mean I did run a mile in the […]


This post is going to start out on a serious note. I’m going to share a part of my family with all of you, and I hope that’s OK! Here goes… As many of you […]

Fit and Firm-BURNS

Ummmm……every single one of you reading this post should enter the Fit and Firm in 4 Weeks giveaway or visit http://www.thegymcoach.com/¬†and purchase your own for $18.95! I completed Day 2 today and I am BURNING! […]

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Happy Friday!!! Ok so I was over at Ryan’s Aunt’s house and she had Oprah on. I haven’t watched Oprah in forever, but I love her Favorite Things show. I want to have a Talk […]

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