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To Follow A Dream

I wish I could write this post with a HUGE smile across my face and share with all of you how happy I am, but sadly that’s not the case. Let me fill you in…. […]

Can I Do This…

Tonight’s post is really going to hit home with my whole ACHIEVE IN AUGUST anthem. If you’ve been reading then you know my mantra for August is: New Month, New Goals, New You…..I even went […]

Tera and Paula Project

I want to start tonight by talking about the movie I watched last night, Julie and Julia. I could not stop smiling through the entire movie! And I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the […]

Food Network, A.K.A Food Porn

Good Afternoon! I really have to stop watching Food Network! Especially when I’m hungry and trying to get lunch/dinner ideas. I LOVE Paula Deen I want to be friends with her LOL. Ryan says that’s […]

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