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Day 17, I’m BEAT…..

Friends this is gonna be a short one! I have been going NO STOP since 5:30AM and as I type this sentence it’s 10:34PM! YAWN…….. The whole day was spent running around to gather items for the […]

Day 17, The Early Bird Gets The Worm?

Afternoon! I have always wondered how that phrase can possibly be applicable if you don’t want to be up that early. I mean I would much rather have an 8AM worm than a 5:30AM worm, ya […]

Day 16, Ellen’s New Season

Good Afternoon friends! I hope everyone is doing well and back to work after the long weekend. We had a long night of painting last night and still more to go….I’m not so excited now […]

Day 15, Fall Decorations & Turkey Tacos

Heeeelllllooooooo! How is everyone tonight? Bummed that your holiday weekend is over? I was so happy to hear about all of the wonderful and healthy cook out yummies everyone was enjoying. Lots of chicken, soy […]

Day 14, Oh Yes I Did Eat That!

Good Evening Friends! How was everyone’s Sunday? Ours was sooooo much fun! We attended the Newport Waterfront Irish Festival, as I mentioned this morning, with our friends Lauren, Matt, and their son Jayden. We had […]

Day 13, I Have Arrived! Sort Of =)

Good Evening Friends! I hope everyone had a fabu Saturday afternoon. Ours was busy busy busy, just like I like it ;). Zachary and I hit Trader Joe’s, Target, and Whole Food’s like the champion […]

Day 13, Yoga Time

Good Saturday Friends!! Everyone should be settling in and enjoying the long weekend by now huh?! College football is up going….GIG ‘EM AGGIES! All you longhorns must be gagging! That’s OK ….SAW ‘EM OFF!!!!!!! Ok […]

Day 12, Fun Day

Good evening friends! How are all of you kicking off Labor Day weekend? Just for fun let’s do a random Labor Day fun fact! The first Labor Day parade was sponsored by the Central Labor Union in New […]

Day 12, Interval Bursts & A Moment…

Good FRIDAY!!!!!!! As always TGIF for my working GGH fans eh?! What is on the agenda for every one’s weekend? Anything fun and exciting going on for the holiday weekend? We have some plans and […]

Day 11

Helllloooooo! How is everyone in GGH land today? I’m hoping that everyone is enjoying their Thursday afternoon? Quick shout to my California GGH’ers….BE SAFE! Those fires are no joke, we will be thinking of you. […]

Day 10, Q & A Time

Good Evening!! I hope this post finds all of you well! Tonight’s post is going to be a Q & A post/Dear Tera. I will discuss my oh so delish dinner first because I think […]

Day 10, Double Digits…..

Hello Wednesday! Well this morning I woke up at around 5AM with a jack hammer going off in my head. I haven’t had a migraine in so long guys. The ironic part is I literally […]

Day 9, Hash It Out…

Evening! How was your Tuesday?! I hope it was full of accomplishments and healthy snacks :). My day was good, lot’s of tasks done! I had to research information for 2 new articles, answer tons […]

Day 9, Still No Call, But I Did Cardio….

Afternoon! Day 9….I’m trudgin’ on. I am so impatient! I do realize somewhere very small and very far in the back of my mind there’s a little voice telling me that Ellen may NEVER call to […]

Day 8, Why Hasn’t Ellen Called Me?

Hello Friends! I hope that you all had a pleasant Monday. The end of my Monday was HAPPY because the roofers are DONE!!!! YAY!!! Now we can move on to the next projects. Those guys […]

Family Dinner

Good Evening! I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! Anyone do anything fun? We did some projects around the house this afternoon, fun right?! We decided to paint the cabinets in the bathroom since we […]

Day 7, It’s Worth It

Happy Sunday!!!! I hope you all had a happy and healthy weekend. Our weekend actually turned out pretty nice so far, despite the strange weather yesterday. Let’s just say the hoodies are back in their […]

Fully Stocked!

Good Evening Friends!! So I used today’s rainy and cold weather to go to the market and stock us up! Zachary and I donned our hoodies and set out for Whole Food’s and Trader Joe’s!!! […]

Day 5….

Good Morning! I hope you are all super happy it’s FRIDAY!!! What are your plans for the weekend? Not sure what we will be doing, the hubby is working out of town on Saturday afternoon/night […]

Day 4, Now That’s More Like It!

Good Morning Friends! Today is Day 4 and it started out as it should! Up by 7:30 am got the boys going, made a pre-gym power shake, and I was out the door and into Fit […]

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