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Quick and Easy Instant Pot Chili

It has been a minute since I posted a recipe here that has me as happy as this one. “Why does it make you so happy Tera?” Well, I’m so glad you asked…. 😉 I […]

Guilty Kitchen: GIVEAWAY

First of all I think Guilty Kitchen is one of the coolest names for a Blog EVER!! So creative and crafty!       Elizabeth Nyland, the Master Mind behind GK, has published a cookbook […]

Peanut Butter and Peppers

I love weekends. I especially love weekends that have an extra day! So nice to know that the hubby, Zac, and I all had an extra day together, and that meant I had extra time […]

PUMPKIN! Recipes!

It’s that time of year…. PUMPKIN everything is taking over!!! Now while I know there are some of you out there that don’t like pumpkin, how or why I don’t know, so if that’s you […]

Fit Family, New Work, and BBQ Ribs

We have been so busy lately…. if this an indication of what Summer has in store then I’m gonna need about 3 more calendars, lot’s of wine, and a clone. As I told you the […]

National Pancake Day!

It’s National Pancake Day!!!! Hooorayyyyy!!! While I’m not sure I could eat quite that many I do LOVE a good pancake. So in honor of this nice little National eating day I whipped up my […]

I Like To Eat

It’s no secret here or in my “real” life that I enjoy eating. I love to cook, bake, I love to drool over food on Pinterest, I fold laundry while watching Food Network, and my […]

Rhode Show Fiesta

I had the pleasure of doing another LIVE cooking segment on The Rhode Show this morning. And in honor of my hubby’s 29th birthday today I made one of his faves, Fiesta Bake! Check out […]

Mother’s Day Falafel

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my GGH momma’s! I hope each of you enjoys this special day and remember that it’s OK to indulge and take a break form the gym or your work […]

Follow Your Dreams

Yesterday I finally opened the scrap booking kit that my Mother In Law gave me for Christmas. It was a wonderful gift that was meant to showcase all of my published articles in RI Mag. […]

Grocery Shopping

Good Evening!   Let’s get to it!   Tonight’s post is all about SHOPPING!      No not that kind….Grocery shopping!      There are a rare few that LOVE grocery shopping…..I am one of those few. I adore food […]

Day 62- Q & A

Good Evening! Tonight we are going to jump right in to one of my favorite types of Girl Gone Healthy posts! I’m doing a Q & A post. Last night on Twitter I hit over […]

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