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Giveaway | Boloco

Boloco, AKA Boston Local Company, is making globally inspired food that’s fresh and environmentally friendly! From burritos to smoothies boloco is far from your “typical” fast food place.

Summer Slim Down | DietBet

How would you like to Lose Weight and have a chance to win money for doing it?! Sounds pretty awesome right?! Well DietBet and myself are going to make that happen!! So what exactly IS […]

Giveaway|Squatty Potty!!

If you know me personally then you know I’m not shy when it comes to the bathroom and the business that goes on. I’ve been this way my whole life, and I’ve always just had […]

Surprises and Prizes

Happy Monday! What a weekend I had! It was filled with so many wonderful moments, I wish I could rewind and do it all over again. On Saturday I attended my future sister in law’s, […]

Party Time

Did you miss me?! I missed all of you, but I took a small hiatus to celebrate my highly anticipated 29th Birthday yesterday! I will run down my day for you and include some pics, […]

Kitchen Sink…

It’s Friday Night and I Feel Allright…..did I date myself LOL! Are you all singing now? 😉 Anyhow….. Today was a stay at home or go outside and freeze your pah-tu-kiss off kind of day. […]

Day 53-Spin

Good Afternoon! I have to start out by sharing this AMAZING deal from Amazing Grass! They are running a limited time promo of 40% off the Amazing Meal bulk containers!!! Simply click on the little […]

Day 52-So You Don’t Bake

Happy Hump Day! (Night LOL) Day 8 guys!!!! I was so happy to read the excited emails from some of you reporting the weight you dropped in the first week. That’s AWESOME be proud and […]


It’s Tuesday Night! A.K.A Biggest Loser night and if you aren’t watching it….OMGosh!!!! Big things happening, I wont spoil it but I’m pretty sure if this goes like we all want it to KARMA is comin’!!! […]

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