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Holiday Drinking

Ah the weekend…..sleeping in maybe a little brunch….maybe a trip to the market some light cleaning….lounging in your PJ’s till noon…… Yea right! I don’t live in that world LOL. In my world this is […]

Cocktail Anyone

For some of you the drinking andĀ  4th of July celebrating may have already begun! For others, like me, it will begin tonight. I will not only be Celebrating my Freedom to Drink but the […]


Last night we touched on Traditions and Presents……tonight…..COCKTAILS! Whether you are drinking them yourself or attending a party with some who will be indulging, I think the info I dug up below will be quite […]

Busy Little Bee’s

Good Morning! It seems that I am not the only one CRAVING some serious summer activity here in New England. The sun is out, for now, and our neighborhood is alive!!! PeopleĀ are mowing, gardening, running, […]

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