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Feel Fabulous Fall Challenge

First, Happy Halloween!!!!   Now let’s talk about tomorrow, Candy Hangover Day-AKA November 1st! I’m not judging you I’m going to have a little Halloween Treat or 2 myself, I’m not perfect nor am I […]

Tea & Jewelry

To wrap up my review posts I’m going to fill you in on Love & Tea as well as a fantastic new company I’ve teamed up with called Cocoa Jewelry. Love & Tea is all […]

Prep Week Day 1

Yesterday was my Day 1 of the prep week for Hannah Marcotti’s Spring Cleanse. I started off the day by reading the guide for the cleanse as well as browsing the beautiful and tasty recipes […]


Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and reviving. I don’t just mean in regards to nature either, we should think of Spring as a time to do all of these things for ourselves both […]

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