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Creamy, Crunchy, Weight Loss?

Peanut Butter, the mere mention of it makes people salivate. How many times in your life have you grabbed the jar, cracked it open, and scooped up a heaping spoonful all just to lick it […]

ZICO: Are You Naturally Powered?

The lovely people at ZICO caught wind that I had never tried coconut water before so they packed up a little goodie box so that I could feel “naturally powered”. Cute right? Little tetra pak bottles […]

I Like To Eat

It’s no secret here or in my “real” life that I enjoy eating. I love to cook, bake, I love to drool over food on Pinterest, I fold laundry while watching Food Network, and my […]

I’m Not Done…..

I’m not done with my journey by any means, BUT I am not HER anymore! Left: My Honeymoon 2007   Right: 2 Weeks ago on my way to the gym Left: 2008 at my absolute heaviest, […]

Don’t Stop

Hey there! Just wanted to pop in really quick and say “Hello”! So I have been keeping my PROMISES to a healthier happy me! On Monday I went to Pilates and went gun ho and […]


Tonight’s Empowerment topic is Education. It’s important to be educated when making decisions. For example, you wouldn’t just go to a car dealership and point to a car and say “I’ll take it!” Chances are […]

Killer Work Out & Shopping

Hey y’all! Happy Monday, and a happy Monday it was! This morning started out like a Monday should, by waking up after a great night’s sleep and heading to the gym to get my butt […]

What’s Your Flavor?

Thursday!!! All new Jersey Shore!!!! Tonight 10pm est ow ow! Fist pumping good time! So this morning I was up all nice and early in my cute new purple thermal shirt all ready for Spin, […]

Work It

For many of you reading, tonight marks the end of a very nice Holiday vacation. For the rest of us it’s another week….but on the bright side the market and the malls won’t be nearly as […]

Day 44-End of the Calorie Count

Good Afternoon! I’m just gonna get it out of the way, the Calorie Count Challenge is over!!!! YES!!!!!!! Only yes-ing because I was dying to weigh in LOL. It really wasn’t that bad and I […]

Day 43-AWESOME!!!

Good Afternoon & Happy Monday!   LOL! A GGH’er sent this to me and I had to share it with you guys. Anyway…. This morning I hit Fit World for Fit Physique with Jen, AKA […]

Day 36-Still Here LOL

Well hello there! OK so we were going to go out of town for the night but we realized that we wouldn’t leave until 4 ish, we would get caught in rush hour traffic, not […]

Day 33-Sleepy Girl

Hello!! Just gonna put it out there right now…..I’m so sleepy tonight! I have no idea why, could be because we were non stop all day! We hit Chuck E Cheese this afternoon, super fun! […]

Family Day!

Good Afternoon! How is everyone doing on this very warm Fall New England Thursday? I hear from my sources in Texas that it’s cooling off down South, yay for what the south calls Fall and […]

Day 31-Full Moon?

Good Evening! My Mother In Law is a Nurse and works with the elderly and she has always said they know when a Full Moon is coming or something wacky with the planets is going […]

Day 30-Loser and Tears-Them Not Me

Good Evening Friends! I’m watching Loser as I type, so sad this season. They are one emotional group this bunch. The guy from the Brown team is forever crying and it makes me so sad […]

Day 30-Choices

Happy Tuesday Friends! I want to start by apologizing for my rant last night. I even gone as far as deleting the negative part of it! If anyone out there understands where I’m coming from please […]

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