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The Cake Therapist

I finished up my second book, The Cake Therapist, sent to me by my PR guru friend this weekend and while it was an easy read I don’t know if I honestly would’ve kept reading […]

Tasty Treats

If you read my last post {Different Directions} then you know I joined Weight Watchers! I have been playing around with a few recipes and these are a few yummies already! I’m working on calculating […]

This Is Why You’re Fat…

I have heard so many things about the website http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/  So many people re-tweet the crazy pictures, even some of the RD’s (Registered Dietitians) I Tweet with have been known to post some of their […]

Day 35- Pumpkin Madness

Hello there friends! So it’s Sunday night, end of the weekend and hopefully the start to a great week for everyone. My day didn’t go as planned completely. The rumor about the poker game was […]

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