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Sweet Treat

If you even know me just a little bit then you know I LOVE sweets! I’m actually open to admitting it was sweets that made me fat, well sweets and laziness LOL. So this post […]


This post is full of FOOD! I’ve got comfort food workin this week and I even have a fiber-licious dessert that will shock and amaze you! There’s a lot so let’s go! Italian Stir Fry: […]


Hey there! Happy Friday to my working GGH’ers! I hope that you all had an amazing week, working or not. Today was a typical Friday here at Rancho Norberg….not sure where that came from LOL. […]

A little bit of Culture…

Today being a GORGEOUS day and all I wanted to take Zachary some where “special”. Well it’s special to me at least. I took him to my FAVORITE place in all of Rhode Island, Thayer […]

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