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Chobani Blueberry Bread

Using Greek yogurt in desserts is becoming super popular and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been on the bandwagon for a while. Not only does it make your dessert super moist but it adds […]

National Pancake Day!

It’s National Pancake Day!!!! Hooorayyyyy!!! While I’m not sure I could eat quite that many I do LOVE a good pancake. So in honor of this nice little National eating day I whipped up my […]

Day 16, Ellen’s New Season

Good Afternoon friends! I hope everyone is doing well and back to work after the long weekend. We had a long night of painting last night and still more to go….I’m not so excited now […]

Food Network, A.K.A Food Porn

Good Afternoon! I really have to stop watching Food Network! Especially when I’m hungry and trying to get lunch/dinner ideas. I LOVE Paula Deen I want to be friends with her LOL. Ryan says that’s […]


Good Morning! What a morning oh my what a morning. Zachary was up and ready to go go go at 7am. I however was not ready to go go go. I had the worst night’s […]

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