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Miss Me?

Well hello!!! I have been MIA for an eternity I think! I finally met my match and it was in the form of the world’s worst upper respiratory infection. Friends, I have never been so […]


Good Morning!!! So we are officially into this Challenge!! This post is just a reminder for your WEEK 1 assignment as well as a NEW POP CHALLENGE!! Week of Monday Dec 6th: Weigh In, log in […]


Bored [ bawrd ] adjective    Definition:   tired and impatient: tired of and slightly annoyed by a person or situation that is not interesting, exciting, or entertaining Sound familiar?     I’ve noticed several new […]

Day 1~ 4 Weeks of Fabulous

Good Morning! It’s December 1 st and that means 31 days of NEW! It’s also the first day of our 4 Weeks of Fabulous Holiday Challenge. This Challenge won’t just about sheding a few pounds, […]

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