Taco Night!

Good Evening Friends!

First let me say WOW on already being over 1,000 hits! And we’ve only had the counter up a week, and we’ve been up and running for more than that!!! Thank you so much for reading, following, and participating!

Onto the food! I received a great recipe from a fellow foodie on FoodBuzz for Taco pot pie. I of course had to put a GGH spin on the recipe :).

Goodie List:

-1 bag Morning Star Farms “Beef “Crumbles

-1 package Whole Foods La Casa Taco Seasoning

-1 package Organic Ricardo’s Multi Grain Tortillas

-1 can Whole Food’s Everyday 365 Spicy Black Beans

– 1 1/2 cups 2% Mexican style cheese


Heat Beef Crumbles in coated skillet until warm, add in drained Black Beans and Taco Seasoning and continue to simmer. While meat mixture simmers, spray casserole dish with cooking spray LIGHTLY and lay down two tortillas, (it’s ok if they overlap-mine did), sprinkle cheese on top of tortillas then add layer of meat mixture-spreading the meat out over the tortillas and cheese. Repeat this method until all meat is used and making sure that two tortillas are on the very top. If there is any remaining cheese feel free to sprinkle across the top two tortillas. Place in oven on center rack in pre-heated 350 oven, bake off for 25-30 minutes. Top tortillas should be golden brown and crispy. Slice and serve! I topped mine with avocado salsa!




This dish was really tasty, and really not that bad for you as far as cals/carbs. Using the Morning Star Farms products really help out. If you try this recipe and come up with something else please let me know!!

For now I think I will wrap up and go jump in the shower! I have some gluten free vegan chip brownies baking away! I deserve a brownie after my rigorous bike ride this evening! Had to burn off that taco slice!

Until morning, I leave you with……Sweet Dreams…….

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