I have been on this journey for almost 3 years now and I’ve been doing Girl Gone Healthy for 2 years, it’s been joyful, heartbreaking, frustrating, overwhelming, it’s made me angry, it’s made me happy, on some days it’s the only thing that makes me feel like I was put on Earth to do something other than being Ryan’s wife and Zac’s mom.

I’ve returned countless emails, gone days without checking them, been hacked, had my name- Girl Gone Healthy- copied, received hate mail, recieved emails that were so heart breaking I sobbed, received emails that were tales of strength and full of thank you’s that equally made me sob.

I’ve cooked many meals solely for the purpose of posting, handed out 100’s of business cards, done promotional events, sent marketing emails, written healthy cooking articles for RI Mag, created a Facebook and Twitter for GGH, designed T Shirts, had fundraisers, tried so many new products-some I LOVED others not so much, and the whole time I wondered why.

Why was I doing this? Who in the world would take time to read this when they could be reading Eat Live Run or Carrots and Cake or Katheats or even Hangrypants……I mean these are some of the top bloggers in our healthy/foodie/fitness circuit. I have simple home made recipes, I’m not culinary school trained, I haven’t run half marathons, marathons, iron mans, biked 20 or 30 miles, and I’m certainly not tall and ridiculously athletically built.

And then one day I received a phone call from Ariel at Good Belly asking if I would be interested in sharing my story with a National Magazine and being professionally photographed……I didn’t even hesitate- OF COURSE! That’s when it dawned on me, I’ve been waiting in the wings for something just like this. I’ve been patient and REAL and honest and now it’s my time to shine! Because of all of my hard work both on here and in “real life” I’ve been honored to share my story with thousands of FIRST magazine readers. My whole purpose in starting GGH was to show people that it can be done, you CAN lose the weight and real people with real struggles/life long battles are doing it and keeping it off.

And on this past Thursday night all of my hard work and my dreams for where GGH could go all came to a head as I stood in line at Stop and Shop. I was just grazing over the magazines when I stopped and saw this

not only was my article out and in print for the world to see but I was on THE COVER!!!!!! That friends was a surreal moment, and a complete shocker. I literally shrieked and dropped my basket, all of the work was right there in front of me. Every piece of hate mail, every person who said I couldn’t do it or that GGH was a waste of time, I proved you wrong. And I don’t mean that in a horrible I told you so sort of way I mean that in a dreams do come true and I knew I could do it sort of way. I was broken when Food Network rejected me, but thanks to FIRST magazine and my wonderful Group Fitness Instructor position at the Y my confidence has been renewed and I feel better than ever. I’m able to reach people I may never have the chance to meet and that’s awesome.

In closing, if you have a goal, dream, wish, hope, whatever…..don’t give up! Keep that little flame lit and sit back and wait for someone to come along and help you fan it into a FIRE.

Believe in yourself because if you don’t then who will?

Healthy Wishes and many many many THANKS to each and everyone one of you who have fanned my flame from the beginning.


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