Super Saturday

Good Evening!

It’s the WEEKEND!!! I’m cheering for the weekend because we actually have kitchen cabinets in the kitchen! Tomorrow I should have the stove in place and if they get the sink hooked back up I’m soooooo cooking a real meal! I can’t wait. Most people would probably love not having to cook or ordering out every night, but not me :(. The kitchen is my happy place, well next to Whole Food’s. I can’t wait to post pictures!!

This morning the construction began bright and early so I decided to go for a run! It was FREEZING when I took off so I put in a mile and a 1/2. My nose was running like crazy and I couldn’t feel my face, so I called it a day. I forgot to set up the coffee pot to auto brew last night, so I put it on to perk and ran to DD (Dunkin Donuts) to grab the hub some breakfast. I ended up snatching one of their new egg white breakfasts! I had the egg white on an english muffin with fat free cheese! I washed it down with a cup of my own coffee, with a splash of Silk Light Vanilla Soy and 2 Stevia packets! Pretty good!

My coffee didn’t do a great job of warming me up so, I took the hottest shower on Earth and slathered on some Icy Hot. I wonder if my hubby thinks it’s sexy that I often smell of theragesic?! LOL I have Kickboxing tomorrow with Lea, Interval running on Monday w/Angela, Zumba Tuesday, Intervals on Wednesday, and Spin on Thursday…..I can’t be sore! I’m putting in some serious work at the gym this week because my 29th birthday is this Thursday and I wanna look as hot as possible! I haven’t had a good birthday in about 5 or 6 years so I planned a Fab dinner party at my fave restaurant with some of my fave people! I’m so excited and I plan on buying a cute little dress to wear! EXCITED! I hope this year ends my Bad Luck Birthday cycle! **fingers crossed**

Once I was warm and smelling like the Boston Celtic’s locker room LOL I whipped a huge salad for lunch! Mixed greens, pre cooked chicken strips, dried apricots, goat cheese, and a Balsamic Vin drizzle! OUTRAGEOUS!

This salad is insane! Go grab the goodies and make it for yourself. So filling!!

My lunch break was at the same time as the construction guys, so when they picked back up I snagged Zachary and we ran some errands and went for a nice walk around the mall. It was sooooooo crowded everywhere today! But we found some tasty treats on sale and grabbed some nice all natural doggie treats for Miss Daisy! If mommy eats healthy so shall she!

For those of you who haven’t seen Daisy, here’s a peek!

Isn’t she ADORABLE?! It’s my early Birthday present from the hubby and Zachary!

Let’s talk dinner and then we’ll move onto some GGH “business”!

Dinner shall be a la microwave, but not for long! I have already had a bite and it’s AWESOME!

Apple Cranberry Chicken w/green beans, carrots, whole wheat pilaf and an apple glaze! OW OW this is sooo tasty I can’t wait to gobble it up. 6 grams of fiber too! Thank you Lean Cuisine! I will be glad to actually cook again though.

Before I go: 2 giveaways and a reminder on how YOU can make a difference in your community!


I have a special treat for all of my Rhode Island ladies! I’m going to giveaway a basket full of my fave products and a $30 gift card for a service at my salon! I go to 413 The Salon in Cranston!

Here’s a sneak peek of the basket!

This basket is AWESOME! Great way to try some fun new products and get a new do! To win this basket do 1 or ALL of the following:

1) Sign up for the E Newsletter

2) Tweet this contest on Twitter and mention @girlgonehealthy

3) Tell me why you love products and what service you’d have done

Do all 3 and get 3 entries!!!

And don’t forget about my giveaway for EVERYONE!

My friends at Stevia In the Raw are going to give one lucky GGH’er one of their brandy new Cup for Cup bags! I bet you’re wondering what the heck a Cup for Cup bag is right?! It’s only a bag of goodness!

This bag is perfect for baking, filling the “sugar” canister, or whatever you would typically use sugar for. Allright, wanna know how to win?!!

This contest is going to be Valentine’s themed!!! I shall call it Sweets for my Sweet! To enter simply do one of the following:

1.) Send in a sweet treat recipe re-vamped with Stevia

2.) Follow Stevia in the Raw on Twitter and tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!

3.) Re Tweet this contest on Twitter, or mention it on your Facebook

4.) Add me to your Blog roll or post my link on your website-AND TELL ME!!!!!!

Do all 4 and you’ll receive 4 entries!!!


Pledge 20 and The Pound For Pound Challenge!

If you’d like to Pledge 20, you still can! Pledge 20 was my own personal weightloss goal to reach by March 1st! Those 20 pounds will put me at my goal weight andgiving me a 130 pound total weightloss! Either Tweet you Pledge, email it to or comment on this post! It’s never to late to Pledge for a healthier life!!

I have received several emails in regards to taking our Pledge to a bigger scale, no pun intended. So I thought why not do it Biggest Loser style! With the help of GGH’erAmy K. this is the Rhode Island information for the Pound For Pound Challenge! Click on the links at the bottoms to find out where YOUR state ranks, and get involved! Lose weight and fight hunger, doesn’t get much better!

This season of the Biggest Loser includes another round of the Pound for Pound Challenge in which residents of each state have the opportunity to go online and pledge the amount of weight they hope to lose by the end of June, 2010. Working with Feeding America (the RI Food Bank’s national affiliate organization), The Biggest Loserand The Pound for Pound Challenge have committed to donate 14 cents for each pound pledged to the local food bank of each person’s state. Being the only Feeding America food bank in Rhode Island, we will be the recipient of the funds from EVERY pound pledged by Rhode Island residents. So far, we rank 42nd in the country with just over 9,000 pounds pledged – which has already raised over $1,300 in just one week! Can you help me spread the word to your friends and family and get Rhode Island to move up the ladder AND raise valuable funds for the Food Bank? People can access the Pound for Pound Challenge by clicking on the story that appears on our website’s homepage: or directly at

So click the link above and make a difference TODAY!

Have a great night and don’t forget to check out our E Newsletter-Girl Gone Healthy Express featuring Fitness Tips from The Gym Coach! Plus all of our great new product suggestions! Grass, cookies, granola and MORE! Click on the SHOP tab, and check out the goodies in the side bar to the right! Fun and healthy is only a click away!

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  • Tera –
    Totally random comment:

    1) Ever made your own granola? SOOOO cheap and easy, I have a great low sugar recipe. Just did it last week and I’m hooked.

    2) Patriot Place Red Robin — get any of their burgers made w/Boca patty instead, and ask for it “Protein Style” (LOL)…SO cool, it comes wedged between 4 big pieces of butter lettuce…SOOOO crispy, sooo good, and sooo much better than the buns! (And better FOR the buns)

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