Summer Slim Down | DietBet

Summer Slim Down | DietBet

How would you like to Lose Weight and have a

chance to win money for doing it?!

GGH Summer Slim Down

Sounds pretty awesome right?! Well DietBet and myself are

going to make that happen!!

So what exactly IS a DietBet and how could YOU win money….I’m sure that’s what you’re saying right now.

A DietBet is a contest to lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days. Players all bet money into the pot at the outset of the game. Winners split the pot after the final weigh in results are compiled and tallied by DietBet officials.

What else do I need to know and how do I sign up?

-Our game will begin Monday July 12, 2014 with the final weigh in happening on August 11, 2014

-I am your Organizer/Host and I will be playing along with you!

-There is a handy smart phone app for iPhone and Android so you can have access to all things Summer Slim Down 24/7

-The initial bet is $25 and you simply click the following link to join

-The account set up process takes all of 5 minutes and even the weigh in process is step by step

-This game is open to ANYONE so invite your friends and family to join, the more people- the bigger the pot!

Studies have shown that Dieting in a social, even competitive if you will, environment prompts people to do BETER and have lasting results. Check out this great DietBet success story featuring a 140 pound Weight Loss!

sara-lugger-before1-horizontal-galleryWay to go Sara! If that doesn’t inspire you to place a bet I don’t know what does!!

I look forward to playing and LOSING with all of you!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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