Summer Secrets

Summer Secrets

There is just something about warm sunshine, a cool glass of lemon water and a good book. You feel relaxed, able to let the worries of the world to slip away for a bit as you are transported to where ever the author takes you.

That’s how Jane Green will make you feel as you read her perfect Summer page turner, Summer Secrets.

Jane takes us through Cat’s tumultuous upbringing, and trouble with drinking a little too much a little too often, in London and then seamlessly transports us to Nantucket, with descriptions so vividly real you’ll feel as though you really are at Steps Beach or strolling Main Street after coffee and papers at The Hub.

Summer Secrets was such an easy, fun read. Jane’s characters all have traits and personalities we can all relate to IRL, in real life, as well as become attached to when we need to escape our own obstacles. Summer Secrets is truly one of the Best reads of the Summer!

For more about Jane Green take a peek at her site,, and don’t forget to Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Healthy Wishes and Happy Page Turning, T

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