Summer Plank Challenge

Happy July 1st!!! (I honestly can’t even believe it’s July already!!!)



Summer has crept up on us again and for some we sure didn’t reach those goals we set wayyyyyy back in January…..don’t worry I’m with you. But that’s OK we can start now, better late than never ;-). If you Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram then you know that I started up a Plank a Day Challenge again! I did one of these back in January and it was AWESOME! The motivation to get stronger everyday was great and knowing that you have a team of people cheering you on and planking along with you makes it even better! Below is my 30 day progress, I couldn’t believe my end time and others who did the challenge held planks for almost DOUBLE that time!


Towards the end I started adding in new positions and really challenging myself, I wish I hadn’t stopped after the 30 days! So you wanna join me?! AWESOME see details below:

-You choose the plank position

-You choose the time of day that works best for you

-Hold the plank until failure (until you can’t hold it any longer)

-Record your time and post pics to Instagram using the hash tag #GGHSummerPlank

-Do everyday for 30 days, I began on 6/28 but you can begin anytime

Pretty easy right?! For more details on planking and different ways to plank check out my post from January, The Great Plank Debate. 

I can’t wait to see all of your pics!!

Healthy Wishes, T



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