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I’m not in the happiest of places or moods upon writing this post this morning. As some of you may know my Father In Law was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer this past December. You hear people say all of the time….”oh that was a life changing event”, well friends December 31, 2008 really was a life changing day. My FIL went to bed PERFECTLY fine and at 5:00am when he woke up to go to work he wasn’t the same man. My FIL was a loving husband, very involved father (sometimes so involved it drove his boys nuts), and a man of Faith. He was forever changed, but all of those wonderful qualities remained….they just aren’t able to be expressed. He has been courageously fighting this incurable battle for 7 months now. His official diagnoses was a Stage IV Gleoblastoma Multiforme Tumor. It’s rare, incurable, and one of the worst of it’s kind. My FIL has taken what he has been dealt like a prize fighter, it’s the rest of us that are “suffering”, stressed, and mad that this happening.

Yesterday his battle took itself to a whole new level. It’s common for GBM tumor patients to have seizures but we had been lucky enough to bypass that, until yesterday. He was rushed to the hospital and had 2 seizures total renderring him motionless as well as speechless. He has been inutbated and put into a medically induced coma so that they can run tests. Everything is beginning to look up so we are hoping that he can come off of the respirator within the next 24 hours. Talk about stress… my Mother In Law can do it I will never know. My husband annoys me on a daily basis, but if something ever happened to him I would be lost. For those of you GGH’ers who know our family personally, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes through out the day yesterday. Thank you to our dear friends for offering to cook us dinner, help with laundry etc…it means so much. To anyone out there who may be reading this and you have a family member or friend going through this same type of cancer…..YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! When we first heard the diagnoses we were shocked, like what the heck is that? It was hard to find a lot of information,positive anyway, on that specific type of tumor. Please feel free to contact me, the more support you have the better, and we would love to be there for you.

So…..that’s why I was a little MIA yesterday and we had new plug ins installed so those of you having trouble with site loading quickly….NO MAS! It should work a little better for you :).

Through all of the horrible things going on yesterday I did receive my first official piece of GGH Mail!! It was from Mix My Granola and we designed a special Girl Gone Healthy mix that we will be selling very soon!!!!!! So excited for that, you will be able to customize your mix too, that way it can be uniquely yours!



So be looking for the details SOON!!!!

For breakfast this morning, after a very long 1.5 miles (my heart just isn’t in it today), I had an Egg Scramble Pita Sammy!

-2 Organic eggs, scrambled

-2 pinches 2% Mexican Cheese

-1 Organic Pita pocket

Scramble eggs to your liking, cut pita in half, stuff a pinch of cheese into each pita half, and top with scrambled egg!

(Salt and pepper to taste)




So now I’m off to bathe up my very messy little boy, he’s been outside helping in the yard, and put him down for a nap!! I don’t know who looks forward to nap time more….mommy or Zachary LOL :).

Not sure what the afternoon will bring, it’s gorgeous so Zachary and I will find something I’m sure! I know we NEED fruit, so a trip to Trader Joe’s or Whole Food’s will be on the list. I shall keep you updated.

Everyone have a Fantastic Friday! See you tonight!

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  • Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging! – cool!!!!

  • Tera, I have just read about Rick!! We are so sorry, and are praying for him and all of you!
    Please tell Cindy we love her and pleasde keep us posted!
    I forget to look at my Facebook page.
    Will talk to you soon!
    Give a big kiss to our little man ~
    Love you, Grandma

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