Stop Testing My Patience…

Good Evening Friends!

I am so mad that I was MIA from GGH all day today! I spent a whole lotta time on something that didn’t even end up happening. I can not stand when someone says they are going to do something and they don’t. I always hold up my end of a deal and work my tail off to do my part only to be let down so often.

So anyway….let’s re-cap the day.


The roofers were here again doin’ their thing….you know bangin’ nails and what not. As they noisily stomped I wrangled the boys up and made some breakfast for them. Meanwhile I nibbled a Chobani Vanilla Yogurt with an Emerald 100 calorie pack of almonds mixed in. Yum! After breakfast was all done we made our way outside for some fun in the sun! It was sooooooo HOOOOTTTTT today! Look at what my thermometer read at 11 am on the deck!


HOLY COW! I came inside and checked The Weather Channel said it was 93….obviously I have the hottest back yard in New England LOL.

Needless to say we didn’t stay out long. While Zachary napped I laid out on the deck with my Jen Lancaster book, Such A Pretty Fat (I’m finally almost done), and soaked up some rays. I snacked on a Myoplex Lite Bar and sipped a Powerade Zero! I’m soooo not a “sports drink” gal but I am loving the Powerade Zero. It’s literally ZERO everything fat/cals/carbs…..ZERO!


After my little sun encounter, I now have tan lines, I took a quick ride with Mr.Zachary in search of a life jacket for him to use in the “pool”, AKA the Hot Tub set at a very cool 80 degrees. Check out what we found, toooooo funny!


LOL right?! It works pretty well too! He was quite buoyant in the pool and enjoyed a little more “freedom”.

So now we are coming up on late afternoon and I realize that I have time to run over to Fit World for my cardio time! That made me happy! I love the treadmill when I’m stressed, and I love being able to tell it what I want it to do and actually does it! I put in a very quick 1.5 mile run and hit up the Ab room to use the ball for some crunches and fly’s with the weights. Have you checked out Fit World yet?! NO?! Well go for it, you can for FREE!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

Now you don’t have an excuse!

As I ran I pondered dinner and I felt carby, what else is new?

I decided to concoct a little chicken casserole number….here’s what I came up with.

Cheesy Chicken Spinach Noodle Casserole:

-1 box wheat penne pasta (your choice, I used Gia Russa)

-1 can each cream of chicken and cream of mushroom (both organic)

-1 block low fat cheese grated (I used cheddar)

-1 bag fresh baby spinach

-3 bags Morning Star Farm’s Chicken Strips

Cook wheat pasta according to package, drain, set aside. Saute chicken strips until warmed through and set aside. Combine cans of soup in small bowl and pour over pasta, mix well. Once mixed, add bag of spinach and continue to fold pasta and spinach together. Add 1/2 of the pasta/spinach mixture to a large casserole dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray. On top of pasta/spinach mix add a layer of the chicken spreading it out to cover evenly. Sprinkle a liberal amount of cheese on top of the chicken layer. Continue these layers until all pasta/spinach and chicken is used and top final layer with cheese. Bake off in pre-heated 350 oven for about 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.

So good friends!!! Cheesy, and the cream of mushroom soup adds such a woodsy flavor mmmm. To my personal plate I added a bit of Oregano and Parsley, really tasty.


This pic is right out of the oven…..mmmmm

So now in honor of National Cup Cake Day I am off to the GGH kitchen to bake up some tasty pineapple cupcakes! The oven is on and I have a glass of wine in hand!


Have a super night, and if you follow me on Facebook thanks for all of the wonderful messages!! Keep sending those recipes for the cook book, it’s looking super cute! We have the design complete we just need to fill those pages!!!

Friendly Reminders:

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