Stomach Flu YOU WIN

I’m waving the white flag at this awful stomach flu that has taken a hold of my house since very early Tuesday morning.


This little virus is one tough cookie and has been raving my family for days. I’m hoping that we are starting to come over to the well side now but it will certainly be a slow queasy process. I did however manage to finish my 30 day Plank A Day Challenge!


This was one HARD challenge! I think there are days missing in the collage but I’m seeing double on my lap top so we are just lucky I was even able to make said collage LOL. You can visit my Instagram for intricate details ;-).

The next Challenge will begin in March and it will be another Core Clenching Challenge!! Stay tuned for details to unfold next week.

I’m off to sip more Vitamin Water ZERO and struggle down Saltines. saltine-cracker2

Healthy Wishes, T

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