Spring? Is that you?

If you’re an avid GGH reader then you already know that my workout for today consisted of ZUMBA!

I burned 659 calories shakin my groove thang this morning! Love that! I worked up quite the appetite so I refueled with a breakfast sammie and a banana!

Such a yummie and filling treat!

If you live in New England then I’m sure you were also super happy about today’s weather! 53 and SUNNY!!! Hot dang thought I was gonna have to get out the flip flops ;). We took advantage of the Spring like temps and ran a few errands and then hit Patriot Place! We swung through Toys R Us to get Zachary’s swing set (birthday present!!!) and noticed they were raising money for Autism! So of course we donated, and because we donated $10 we received this adorable bag! Please visit a Toys R Us and donate! Or make a donation to: http://www.firstgiving.com/zacharynorberg and support my family and I for the 8th Annual Dream Walk!

Isn’t it super sweet! Just what I need another re-usable bag, but this one is SPECIAL! After Toys R Us we drove up to Patriot Place to walk around and enjoy the weather. We didn’t stay long though, the hubby had class tonight.

So…..since I know how much the hub hates Wednesday night class I made him one of his fave dinners, and amped it up!

Chipotle Turkey Tacos:

-1 lb pound ground white turkey

-box blue corn taco shells

-3 medium sized roma tomatoes

-2% Mexican cheese

-2 tablespoons minced garlic

-1 package seasoning either taco or fajita-anything with a Mexican spin will do 😉 I used a new brand!

And lastly, 6 perroncini with the tops removed

To start, rough chop the tomato, perroncini and measure out the 2 tablespoons minced garlic. Combine in food processor and puree.

Mixture should look somewhat like this when done.

Combine puree and taco seasoning in small bowl and stir.

Set aside and work on the turkey! In large skillet coated with cooking spray begin to brown the turkey. Once the turkey is cooked through, pour in puree mixture and combine with turkey. Allow turkey and puree to simmer until thick.

When ready fill taco shells with turkey, top with cheese, and pop into pre heated 350 oven to melt cheese! Serve hot!

These were the BEST tacos I have ever made! So spicy and just YUM!

For dessert I whipped up a nice hot chocolate and sweetened it with PureVia! PureVia is my newest friend! Natural sweetener that literally blows away all of the competition! Plus, check out the awesome package they sent me!

And here’s me with my amazing travel mug!

Be on the look out for a chance to win some PureVia goodies including a travel mug and some Sobe Life water!!

I think I’m going to sign off for now! The hubby has a 4 page paper due on Thursday….I better get to writing ;).

Have a great night! Oh and please feel free to leave some below!!!

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