So, I’m Not As Bad A$$ As I Thought….=)

Good Afternoon!

I was up super early this morning in anticipation of my first visit with Iron Woman Paula at Fit World. I laid my clothes out last night before bed and everything. When I arrived at the gym, color coordinated as always, I was feeling pretty good. I was excited to learn new things and ready to work hard. I had told Paula, previously, that I was prepared to cry, throw up, or scream (in no particular order) to get this stubborn 30 pounds OFF! She definitely took notes because at some point in the work out I was ready to do any and all of those things LOL. It truly was the most difficult work out I have ever experienced, but I feel so strong and proud of myself. As I looked at myself in the mirror I realized I have come along way but I still have a ways to go. That just makes my ability to color coordinate my gym outfits insignificant. I seriously felt like a fat girl on her first day of  Biggest Loser camp huffin’ it out. I really thought I was in better shape…..ummm yea HELLO REALITY CHECK! I needed it though. There was a small voice inside saying, “You’re down 84 pounds, you’re 10 clothes sizes smaller, you’re fine right here-this is a good weight”. Well I shut her right up this morning! I’m not fine and I want to keep going and I have the tools and support to do it. Paula took time in the beginning of our session to chat a bit to find out all about me! We discussed my work outs, other physical activity, injuries, goals, diet/eating habits etc. I loved that! It truly was Personal. I even told her my goal was to have a body like Kim Kardashian, true story! I’m a curvy girl by nature so Jillian Michaels I will not be, but sleek and curvy Kim is do-able. She even wrote that down so we could target areas for a femine curve…..come on it doesn’t get more personalized than that. Plus, the entire time we were working out she was educating me on what the excerise was doing to help me and pushed me the whole way. There is nothing better than hearing “You can do it!” It was an amazing hour with an amazing lady. I have my next session this Friday….if I can walk LOL.

If you want to check out Fit World’s Paula K. follow the link below and GO!!!!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

I hope to see you there!

Oh and one final note! She said the magic words…..”You need to eat MORE”!!! hahahahaaha. I am still so afraid to eat and we went over everything I normally consume and I’m doing everything right!!! I just need more snacks, water, and to eat a little more at a time! AWESOME

After my training this morning i came home and whipped up a Strawberry Banana Grass! A GGH FAVE!

-1 small banana

-1 package frozen strawberries

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-3 cups of Fresh Spinach…..I needed the iron pick me up today

Put all goodies into blender, blend, pour and ENJOY



So now I’m off to make some lunch and plan our day! It’s so gorgeous outside!!! For lunch I’m thinking a tuna roll up!

Tuna Roll Up-

-1 can Albacore Tuna in WATER, drained

-1 plop of Low Fat Mayo

-2 celery stalks finely chopped


-Sea Salt/Black Pepper

-1 slice Rice Cheese-Swiss

-1 wheat tortilla to put everything in!

Combine tuna, celery, mayo, oregano, salt and pepper in bowl and mix well. Lay out tortilla and place slice of cheese on top, then add tuna mixture on top of the cheese. I like to add a handful of spinach too! Roll everything up and munch!!!

I’ll be having a glass of ice water with lemon too!!!


I hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday! The hubby is already asking what’s for dinner so I think I will be going through the recipes you guys have sent and choose one!!! please keep sending them in, everytime we tell my Father in Law about it he smiles…..I need to make this happen! Send any kind of recipe to

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