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I’m not sure if you’ve been introduced to the amazingness that is Silk Almond Milk, and if you haven’t be prepared to have your socks knocked off!

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Yea 30 calories of pure NON DAIRY JOY!! This wonder juice is the perfect substitute for milk in recipes, baking, smoothies, cereal etc…. and I have a little recipe for you that I LOVE! This is my go to morning power smoothie.

Girl Gone Healthy Green Machine:


-1 1/2 cups Silk Almond

-2 cups fresh baby spinach

-3 to 4 strawberries

-1 scoop Amazing Grass

-ice cubes

Blend and boom POWER in a glass! Low carb, low calorie, non dairy…..PERFECTION!


And I have MORE great news!! Some of my fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors have teamed up with Silk Almond to bring you 30 NEW, EXCITING, YUMMY Recipes all using SILK ALMOND!!


You can check it out by visiting this special Silk Almond Facebook App!!

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All of these recipes look so fabulous it’s going to be tough to pick which one to start with.

So I want to know how you use Silk Almond or how you plan to use it….. I mean there is a $1 off coupon when you visit the Facebook page!!

{Disclosure: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.}

Healthy Wishes, T


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  • I LOVE LOVE almond milk. Every now and then I’ll have a small glass of my son’s whole cow’s milk, just because I crave it at times. But I haven’t had dairy milk as my main sorce of milk in months. Almond milk rocks!!

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