Yesterday we chatted about Empowerment and how that can be the key to weight loss/healthy journey success. Empowerment has so many different meanings and facets that I wanted to make it into a Challenge this week. The Challenge was that you would set a goal, start working towards it today and complete it by Friday. These are reasonable goals, attainable goals, goals that will set you up for success and give you that fuel to continue what you started. So every night this week I will discuss a different puzzle piece to Empowerment.

For tonight, our first piece, we will work on something that is both inner and outter. Being SEXY/CONFIDENT and a little of both at the same time. Remember the ending words of Empowerment’s definition, “Acting with confidence”. So let’s get started.

When you hear or see the word SEXY or CONFIDENT you’re bound to come up with a million different images. Below are some images that pop into my head when it comes to being SEXY and CONFIDENT.

Each and everyone of them just exudes confidence, poise, and a sexy appeal. I know you’re saying, but Tera they have millions of dollars, a team of people, etc etc…..YES that’s true, BUT they also have to know that they look good. They don’t wake up red carpet ready. AND if you don’t feel it inside it wont shine through.

So, what makes you feel sexy/confident/romantic etc….That was the question of the day. I received some really great answers that I’d like to share with you!

-That special look from boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband that I know is meant for ME only.

-Laughing with my significant other


-Bubble baths





-Getting dressed up

-Date Night

-Having my hair done



These are all so indulgent and isn’t funny that as you were reading the list you were nodding or saying mmmmhmmm. So why don’t we spend more time trying to do these things. I know that we don’t have millions of dollars but setting up Date Night 1 night a week would knock a lot off that list! Dress up when you go out! I do every week! I’m talking 4 inch heels, bold make up the whole nine yards and I don’t care who’s lookin I feel AMAZING. And that’s what I’m talkin’ about. If we could bottle that amazing feeling we have when we know we look good, sound good, smell good, whatever the confidence needed to accomplish our goals would be readily available. Even if you’re unsure of yourself, you’re the ONLY ONE that knows it-IF you hold your head up and shine no one will ever know the difference.

So the next time you’re at the gym and the only treadmill open is next to the super buff skinny girl, HOP ON! Hold your head up and do your thang! Or maybe you want to do weights and the only people over there are the “muscle heads”. Pop in the ear buds blare a song that makes ya walk with swag, and do your thang! You’ll be surprised how good it feels when you change your perception of how people perceive you!

To close, now that you’re sitting a little straighter and smoothing your hair ;), the Challenge for tomorrow is to be SEXY and CONFIDENT! Remember, sexy isn’t slutty! Sexy is smart, cool, sophisticated, business savvy, knowing what you want and going to get it! So look at that goal you set and sexify it! By Friday you’ll be prancin around wavin that piece of paper with your goal on it with total┬áconfidence. Look at this journey you’re on as a path way to a new confident you! It’s the same you, just with a little more sass ;).

Have a great night! And if ya need a little theme music click the link below!


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  • I love this question – what makes you feel sexy…the first thing that popped in my mind was the look my husband gives me when he first sees me at night! I love that I’m not the only person who thinks that since you have it on the top of your list!

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