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This post is dedicated to my NKOTB readers! It’s the first of several in regards to the NKOTB Cruise this May! I have been working with many of you for a long while in prepping for this very exciting event. It dawned on me yesterday afternoon that I wouldn’t be able to Tweet you into action, or email you with food choices, you’re going to be on your own! (My babies are growing up LOL)

So I decided to contact Carnival Cruise Lines and inform them on how hard you all have worked, and that a good percentage of you don’t want it all to go to waste in 3 days. I also let them know that some of you were Diabetic as well as on Gluten Free diets and were worried about having enough to eat, as well as a variety. I received an awesome email back and I wanted to share it with you!

Good Morning Tera,

Most simple diet requirements can be accommodated on board. We do not have Dietitians on board; therefore, we can only offer assistance with simple requests such as the method of preparation of menu items. The diet requirements need to be arranged with the Head Waiter on the first night of the cruise. 

 Lunch and dinner menus in the main dining room feature Spa Carnival selections which are: 

  • Lower in calories 
  • Lower in sodium 
  • Lower in cholesterol 
  • Lower in fat 
  • A vegetarian entrée (trans fat free).

 Designated by a special menu symbol, the Spa Carnival items are accompanied by a listing of the number of calories and grams of fat contained within each selection; the number of carbohydrate grams per dish is listed beneath each low carbohydrate selection. 

 Depending on the diet, the following applies: 

  • Poultry and meats are broiled or roasted. 
  • A low carbohydrate prepared appetizer, salad and entree selection.
  • Reduced carbohydrate, trans fat free bread selection will be available each evening, on request.
  • Salads are prepared with low-fat or fat-free dressings. 
  • Desserts are prepared with Sweet n’ Low or NutraSweet instead of sugar. 
  • Low-cholesterol egg substitute is available as well as diet jellies and sugar-free syrup. 

 Trans Fat
Carnival stopped using cooking oils containing trans fats in 2005. While most items among the cuisine choices are already trans fat free, we are conducting a detailed analysis of remaining items that can be replaced with trans-fat-free variations and are working with vendors to find suitable alternatives. We began moving away from ingredients containing trans fats two years ago, motivated simply by a desire to take the healthiest possible approach to food preparation and menu offerings in the interest of our guests’ well-being. Carnival’s latest initiative to eliminate trans fats is slated to advance over the course of the next six months as the company continues to identify and replace additional items.

You can also select items off of the regular menu and just ask that it be cook to your liking, with no sauces, etc, Most of these special requests can be accommodated in the main dining room but it’s a little more difficult at the buffet up on the Lido deck, although they can make good choices there as well such as salads, fresh fruit and many other options.


 Mischelle Beattie Coccera

Isn’t that AMAZING!!!!!!! Plus Mischelle will also be sending along the spa/fitness facility information AND all activities that will be available to you! I was so impressed by their response and their desire to make this a HEALTHY cruise for those of you who are taking your life style change seriously!! Please Follow them on Twitter at: and tell them you’re a GGH Fan sailing on the NKOTB Cruise!!!

Be on the look out for more cruise updates soon!

Onto non cruise/NKOTB related business ;)!


My lovely friends at T Spheres are going to provide one lucky GGH reader with a set of their Perk Up mini T Spheres! 

They were nice enough to send me this very set and they have already saved my life TWICE! I’m prone to severe severe migraines and having a 2 year old I have NO time to be laid up in bed. These tiny little wonders relieved my headaches in under 15 minutes! I used them on the pressure points shown and rubbed some of the oil directly onto my temples, and BAM no more headache. I also rub them on my calves after a long run at the gym.

Now on to the fun part…..HOW TO WIN!

I want to know why T Spheres would be PERFECT for you! Comment on this post and tell me why you need T Spheres to relieve you and also that you are now Following T Spheres on Twitter: Fairly stress free way to win huh?! Just comment and Follow! For more info on these amazing little gems visit: The celebrity names alone are enough to make you want them ;).

New Goodies:

I will be bringing the GGH Newsletter back! It will be a little different this time around, but just the weekly motivational kick in the hiney you need! If you would like to receive GGH Express please email me at: Subject-Newsletter!

Also, I have been tossing around the idea of selling pre-made “baking” mixes. They would arrive to you ready to mix with the wet ingredients! It would be muffins, breads, cup cakes, and pancakes sort of thing…..Anyone interested? If so comment on this post and let me know what you think!

And lastly to wrap up, Thank You to everyone who has signed up for a FREE Beach Body Membership! It really is a huge step and a step in the right direction. Beach Body has a program for every life style, every work out level, and they even have a Diabetic Program! Check it out at: and sign up for your FREE membership! Let me Coach you to a new healthy you!

Make Monday HEALTHY! Be active, be awesome, be amazing! Do something for someone else BEFORE doing for yourself! Smile at strangers, open doors, pay for the person behind you in the coffee line!!!! Pay it forward!!

As always, Healthy Wishes!!!!

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  • I’ve been a diagnosed migraine sufferer for about 6 years. When I lost my insurance coverage in 2008 I was unable to afford my $400 prescription to treat them. I’ve pretty well learned how to take cues from my body to combat them, and I can sometimes use OTC medications, but I much prefer to get rid of a headache without drugs. I would really love to try t-spheres! I’m following them on Twitter and I’m looking forward to getting more good information from this company. Beautiful blog!

    Erin @ The Houndstooth Apron

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