Running: How I Started

It seems my inbox has been filled with emails in regards to how I began running and what advice I have for others to get started too. Well let me start by saying I HATED running for the first 30 years of my life, I’m 32 now and no I’m not exaggerating. I hated running so much growing up that I made sure I was absent on days I knew we would have to run in school for things like the Presidential Fitness Test or Junior High when they would tell us the next day would be track day so “bring your shoes”… thanks for the heads up coach ;-).

As an adult I would say “oh I can’t run I have a bad knee” which is true I did injure my knee my Sophomore year of high school, so much so that my Dad hopped a fence to carry me off the football field after doing a half time high kick routine (I was on my HS Dance Team, The Jacketeers 😉 ) That was always my crutch, my fall back, and it was really what I hid behind. You see when I did try to run I would take off super fast, not get very far, my lungs would burn, and my side would cramp…. I felt like a failure. I thought to be a runner you had to be able to run 7, 8, or 9 minute miles, that you needed to log at least 3 to 4 miles on running days- anything less was just a waste, and I thought you had to train for 1/2 marathons or marathons and have a collection of medals, and most of all I thought you had to be thin. That’s right, thin…. you know skinny….. you know look like this…..



I don’t fit that look at all. I’m not tall with legs like a gazelle and my pace is anywhere from 9:30-11 minutes per mile depending on the terrain, and that’s OK.


All of my ideas about running were so wrong and I’m willing to bet some of you have the same ideas and you also have “excuses” to hide behind as well, I know you do because you’ve messaged me! So how do you get started and keep going? Below are my suggestions!

-Go SLOW! Don’t set out to run a mile your first trip out and don’t expect to run that mile in like 8 minutes either. Instead select a song in your playlist that really gets you pumped up and when it comes on jog to it, DON’T sprint or run just jog the whole song. Stop and walk a bit once it’s over, catch your breath, and see how you feel. Once running to 1 song becomes easy, try 2 and so on.

-Pick a place you enjoy being. Not everyone likes to run on the road and not everyone likes the treadmill and believe me those are two very DIFFERENT places. The treadmill almost does the work for you where as running outside on the road provides you with a natural rise and fall, traffic, nature, sun etc… I prefer outdoors because it’s more challenging- that’s just me though.

-Set a goal. Whether it’s to get out and run/walk intervals a certain amount of days a week, to run from your house to the top of your street and back, just set something attainable and work for it!

-Always have music that you love! Make several different playlists or set up fun stations on Pandora.

-Find an app that you like to help track your progress and distance. I use Map My Fitness almost all the time but I have also used Nike Running in the past. I like Map My Fitness because it’s been more accurate distance and time wise and it allows me to listen to Pandora and I kind of like not knowing which song is going to come next.

-Get a POLAR, seriously. If you are looking to get healthy, get active, and be serious about working out you need one and they aren’t just for running. You see me post pictures post run or work out all the time, it’s a great tool to keep you motivated and they vary in price too!

– It’s not always about distance or speed, sometimes it is, but for the most part I try to remember how much I hated running and I how I thought I couldn’t and now I know I can!

-Lastly, JUST GO! Stop saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I can’t”…. YOU CAN and you’ll never know if you truly enjoy it until you try. Who knows you could be an Ultra Marathoner and just not know it yet.

I hope these little “tips” help those of you looking to get started, and as always please consult your doctor before starting anything new that may put a strain on your body or affect a pre-existing condition.

So I want to hear from YOU now! In the comment section below tell me how you got started running! And don’t forget to enter the Neocell Protein GIVEAWAY!!

Healthy Wishes, T


6 thoughts on “Running: How I Started”

  • Hi Juliet!

    My knees were sore when I first began running too…. heck my everything was sore ;-). I just make sure to stretch really well before and after runs, use icy hot or ice packs if needed. Everything gets a little stronger with each run and try not to put to many days in between runs as that will just keep starting the cycle over and over. Healthy Wishes!

  • Great article, I have gone from brisk walking to interval jogging very recently. I’m definitely not going very fast or very lengthy times yet.
    I had no problem with my knees before, but they have been very sore & painful the past few times. Ive tried to ice them and Ive tried to rest a few days, but I really want to get back to jogging!! Any tips on dealing with sore knees? Thanks so much!!

  • Hey Tera!
    Great article! I can relate to your story and as is it’s so similar to mine! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to walk 3 , 5 miles let alone RUN it! I started couch to 5K last year and ever since accomplishing that goal I can’t stop running 🙂 Here’s to continued success on your and everyone else on this blogs journey to a better, fitter, slimmer and overall healthier YOU!
    Keep this coming!

  • I was always told to run as fast as you can talk comfortably. And that puts me in the same pace bracket as you are. I have reached 8 min/mi recently. but that is not my goal. Right now, I am about endurance and enjoying the great outdoors. Treadmills are the pits.

    I love my polar and I use Map My Fitness and Charity Miles. Might as well put that run to good use. Great post.

  • Great tips. I always hated running too. I had asthma and honestly couldn’t for starters. But even later I hated it. I did it for exercise. One day I stopped over-thinking everything, stopped wishing the run was over. I think getting out of your head (out of your own way) is key. Just enjoy being outside. Look up, look around. Smile. Seriously, just sometimes smiling makes it easier even!

  • I started running in January with the C5K. It’s an app that starts you out small and gets you to run a 5K. I loved it. I didn’t know what I was doing or how to start but I eventually just went for it and now LOVE running. I did my first 10K this past Mother’s Day weekend!

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