Running for a Cause

Last weekend I ran one of the largest foot races EVER, and I don’t mean just for me I mean it’s one of the largest foot races participant wise, the CVS Caremark Downtown 5K in Providence!


This race boasted over 8,000 runners and I couldn’t have been happier to have run it as part of Team A is for Adelaide in support of Dwarfism Awareness.


Standing next to me is our fearless leader and Team Captain Chelley and the Mom of the adorable Adelaide. Chelley is a shining example of a Mom Warrior and works endless hours to bring awareness to a cause that impacts her family. In fact she has worked so hard that the state of Rhode Island will now be recognizing October as Dwarfism Awareness Month! As a Mom to a child on the Autism Spectrum I have so much respect for Chelley and the battles she fights, but her battles are so much more difficult as Dwarfism is “misunderstood” if you will. I urge you to click on the links I have included above and learn more not only about Dwarfism but the Amazing Adelaide too!

I have to say I wasn’t really looking forward to running this race. I knew it was going to be crowded, I came down with a cold 2 or 3 days before the race and couldn’t swallow or breathe, Zac and Ryan weren’t able to come cheer me on and it’s kind of a bummer finishing a race with no one there to cheer you on at the finish especially when the finish is UPHILL lol…… BUT I am so glad I went.

Not only did the race go really smoothly and start ON TIME but the atmosphere was like no other race I had ever done. There were professional and olympic level athletes running this race and the course wasn’t easy, but as we began to run and the course began to get challenging I looked around and noticed so many people stopping to help other people. I don’t know if they knew each other or not but it seemed as if everywhere I looked someone was stopping to check on a person that seemed to be having a difficult time. This was my 7th race and this was the first time I had seen that through out the entire course…. it made me smile and it made me happy that I was part of this community of runners no matter how fast or slow no matter what time I finished…. if I fell one of them would be there to pick me up even if they didn’t know me and that’s just AWESOME. While I finished slower than I had planned, I also didn’t plan on being sick, I was happy to finish running UP that HILL and I was even happier to finish representing a Team that stands for such a great cause!


Healthy Wishes, T



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