Rough Few Days…

Good Afternoon,

I apologize for being MIA for the past few days but I haven’t been feeling well and we have had some family issues going on. I appreciate all of the thoughts,prayers, and well wishes from everyone for my Father in Law. It’s amazing that people we have never met are sending their positive thoughts to us just because of GGH. We really need those thoughts and prayers now. My Mother in Law is having to make some pretty tough decisions and I think she is doing the right thing. I can’t even imagine what she must have going through her mind. I can see that slowly my Father in Law isn’t realizing the what’s going on and this transition that has been made. We aren’t sure if it’s from all of the medications he has to be on or if this just the way he’s going to be from here on out. However, he is a man of integrity so I know that if he really understood what was going he would truly be appalled that he was having to “live this way”. I just ask that you continue to radiate positive thoughts our way….whatever the next step will be is what will be done. Thanks for letting me vent….

Anyway, so I haven’t been feeling very well since Monday afternoon so eating has not been a top priority. Yesterday I munched on Oikos yougurt all day and today has been much of the same. My stomach is just all in knots and I think it may have been something I ate, I’m just not sure what! I did get out last night with Zachary and we played in the front yard and walked, well he rode in the Coupe, around the neighborhood. Today he is going to go on a play date with his Daddy so I can shower up and just rest for a little while.

I hope that you all have been having a GREAT week, and thank you again for the kind emails. Please don’t stop sending in recipes, we need them now more than ever. They don’t have to be healthy I will give your version plus a modified healthy version! Just send them!

I will be back later tonight hopefully with some good food in my belly.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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