Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day….

Happy Thursday Friends!

What a week it has been from not feeling well to my Father in Law having another trip to the hospital…..I know we are only given as much as we can handle, but I think I’m close to my limit ;).

On a brighter note I’m a happy to report that Fit World of Cranston Rhode Island is now the OFFICIAL gym of Girl Gone Healthy! We have partnered up and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Fit World’s Mission and Vision support EVERYTHING GGH stands for. From amazing classes and world class trainers to a BRAND NEW state of the art facility making it’s grand debut in September….it’s going to be phenomenal. Fit World will be offering 12 week programs including meal plans and supplements, along with a juice bar, baby sitting, sauna’s, and the LATEST in cardio equipment. They are currently signing new members up at a great new low rate, so go now. Mr. GGH, AKA Ryan my hubby, just became Fit World’s newest member!!! This is a gym designed and targeted towards gym goers at all fitness levels…..TRUST ME. Be sure to check GGH daily as we near the Grand Opening for updates on rates, classes, specials, and for details on the Fit World/Girl Gone Healthy Expo that will be taking place in the new facility.

I hope you guys can feel how excited I am about this venture and if you would just take the time to drop by you will see how much heart Cynthia and her team are putting into this gym. Cynthia and her team are truly committed to being the “Best part of their member’s day….EVERYDAY”. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this partnership is going to do really big things and touch a lot of lives…..that’s what it is all about.

Now….onto food….which BTW I’M STARVING!

Those of you who are Fan’s of GGH on Facebook (which you all should be!) know that I have decided to take on a huge challenge. I have been challenged by a faithful GGH’er to go on a 7 day Raw Vegan Detox. This means no dairy, no breads, no meats just fruits and veggies. I can eat the fruits and veggies as is or in the form of a smoothie. So far I have opted for smoothies, but I’m not enjoying them at ALL. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the shakes I usually make because I use Light Soy Milk….which I now realize is for sure needed when making an amazing shake. I have made my first two shakes using Carrot Juice and water and Pacific Natural Foods Almond Non Dairy drink. I was not overly thrilled but they didn’t taste bad. They just weren’t as filling as the shakes I usually make, but I will keep trucking on because I can have as many smoothies as I want in the day so looks like I will be drinking a few more today.

Here are the goodie lists for the first two shakes:

Detox 1-

-1 cup Almond Drink

-1 cup ice water

-2 huge handfuls of Fresh Baby Spinach

-1 very RIPE/Green Frozen banana

Combine in blender and blend until smooth



Detox Shake 2-

-1 cup Carrot Juice

-1 cup ice water

-1 frozen Banana

-1 package frozen Strawberries

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

Combine in blender, blend until smooth


I was so hungry that I gulped it down before I could take a picture…..seriously.

So now I am off to get ready for Circuit Shred class at Fit World with Jen S. Jen is the Fitness Director for Fit World so I’m sure my A$$ will get a beating :).

I will be back later to review the class and fill you in on any other shakes I concoct.

Have a great afternoon!

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