Hello GGH World!

Today was such a great day! The sun was shining all day, my mom-in-law bought me some rockin’ pants to work out in from Cape Cod, Zachary and I hit up the mall and scored a pair of $6 shoes from Charlotte Russe (thanks to a sale plus a coupon!), and we got in 2 miles at the park!



So stoked to wear those on Date Night! I LOVE shoes!!!

Anyway, so needless to say we had quite the busy day. For¬†a snack¬†today I grabbed an Organic Whole Foods Pita with a smear of Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Hummus!!! That hit the spot! And we were back out the door. I know I said I was going to take an off day from cardio, but the weather was so perfect and Zachary was still rarin’ to go so we hit Brayton! 2 AMZING miles and then we played at the playground and chased squirrels LOL.

For dinner tonight I had some zuchinni leftovers with a little chicken on the side, followed by 100 crunches on the ball. Those crunches KILL friends! Go invest in the ball…..TODAY!

So now I’m all showered and relaxed and enjoying a nice cup of Twinings Revive Herbal Lemon Ginger Tea! I drink it iced all the time and it’s a great pick me up, but it really does refresh the senses as a hot tea.


I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a perfect night’s sleep to start a new week! Don’t get a case of the Monday’s!

P.S. ENTOURAGE is back tonight!!! HOOOORAY for Ari!

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