Review- ZOOM Water

What if I told you that you could drink water AND get your caffeine fix?

Yup you read that right, get hydrated with water and get a caffeine fix! Meet ZOOM water!!

A new beverage, Zoom Water™ is pure natural spring water with caffeine added for energy. Zoom has as much caffeine as an 8oz cup of coffee or tea, and it’s ZERO calories!
And it tastes GREAT! I have to tell you I was skeptical at first but on the days that I drank ZOOM water in the morning I didn’t need my coffee, AND I took a bottle to boxing and it gave me a second wind. I even had the ol hubby test it out and he was just as impressed…..and I didn’t tell him it had caffeine! He said he felt the water gave him a better work out and he had energy to finish strong. That’s pretty sweet.
Zoom Water™If you want to get your ZOOM on please visit http://blog.zoomwater and Follow them on Twitter at!/zoomwater
Healthy Wishes, Tera



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