Review | ActivMotion Bar

Review | ActivMotion Bar

ActivMotion Bar via awesome peeps over at Fit Approach teamed up with ActivMotion Bar to help them get the word out about their ground breaking weighted work out bar.


The ActivMotion Bar is no ordinary fitness bar. It’s always moving and strengthening your core with every exercise—because it’s filled with rolling steel weights. No other fitness product comes close to creating a multi-sensory workout experience like this. The moment you pick it up you’ll hear the weights move inside and feel them challenging your body. Whether you’re a beginner, a trainer, a pro athlete or anything in between, it’s time to change the way you train, engage mind and muscle, experience an amazing workout and get in shape quicker than ever before. It’s time for the ActivMotion Bar.

I was super excited to be selected to review this new work out tool and when it arrived and I began unpacking it……

Review of ActivMotion Bar via that’s when I noticed the bar was only 6 pounds……

ActivMotionBar Review via I was a little skeptical as to how a 6 pound bar was gonna “work me out”. My package also contained DVD’s with different levels of work out’s along with a link to ActivMotion Bar’s movement library and I felt a little better knowing I could access different ideas.

“So how did you use it Tera?”

Well I’m glad you asked! I ended up using it as a morning/get up and go weighted wake up!

Check it out:

Bicep Bar Curls

ActivMotion Bar via Press

ActivMotion Bar via Over Rows

ActivMotion Bar via Press

ActivMotion Bar via do 3 sets of 15 reps for each of the moves shown. This quickie work out is PERFECT for the morning and gets the blood flowing, it has actually helped motivate me to stay on plan all day- from eating to errands to work- starting my day off with the ActivMotion Bar has been great!


To learn more about ActivMotion Bar click here —->

To get more work out Inspiration and see how others are using their ActivMotion Bars follow  @FitApproach #sweatpink  via Social Media

Healthy Wishes, T

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