Hump Day!

Time for that mid-week kick in the behind! Put down the junk food, step away from the work you brought home, and RELAX! I’m finding that I’m receiving so many emails about stress lately. I’m right there with ya friends, my life has been turned upside for over a year now and I say embrace it. Don’t fight it. Learn to step back and breathe, and I know it’s easier said than done. I used to flip out over the slightest thing, and once Zachary was diagnosed with Autism my life took a huge turn. I had to learn to not get upset, because he feeds off of emotion. When Zachary gets upset,over whelmed, or over stimulated there are a 100 different things we can do to help regulate him. I instantly begin assisting him in calming down and relaxing and with in a few minutes he’s all better. So I take a lesson from my uber amazing Zachary, begin doing what YOU need to do regulate. From working out, to reading, hot shower/bath, whatever- make time for you.

Maybe I can be of assistance in helping you to relax! I have a wonderful giveaway going on! Check it out!!

My lovely friends at T Spheres are going to provide one lucky GGH reader with a set of their Perk Up mini T Spheres! 

They were nice enough to send me this very set and they have already saved my life TWICE! I’m prone to severe severe migraines and having a 2 year old I have NO time to be laid up in bed. These tiny little wonders relieved my headaches in under 15 minutes! I used them on the pressure points shown and rubbed some of the oil directly onto my temples, and BAM no more headache. I also rub them on my calves after a long run at the gym.

Now on to the fun part…..HOW TO WIN!

I want to know why T Spheres would be PERFECT for you! Comment on this post and tell me why you need T Spheres to relieve you and also that you are now Following T Spheres on Twitter: Fairly stress free way to win huh?! Just comment and Follow! For more info on these amazing little gems visit: The celebrity names alone are enough to make you want them ;).

Don’t forget to sign up for my Challenge, 89 Days! We are 80 days away from 4th of July! That means we have 80 days to get ready to rock those short shorts and tanks! I refuse to wear jeans this 4th! So if you want to join me and commit to being the best healthy/fit you simply comment on this post with your pledge! From being more active to eating better, whatever your vice vow to break it and be healthy!

And if you’re looking for an amazing new work out regimen I can hep with that too! Join my Beach Body Team and get the body you deserve! From P90X to meal plans I have what YOU need! Follow this link to sign up for your FREE membership: Click SHOP and take advantage of the amazing products available! I’m currently using Shakeology, Yoga Booty Ballet, Turbo Jam, and I just ordered the Slimming Pack!!! Hope to see you on my team soon!

2 thoughts on “Regulate”

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  • Hi Tera,

    It was very nice seeing you this morning, I’ve been reading some of your blogs and I find them so motivating, I agree that losing weight and keeping it off is a life style and not part of a diet or a temporary fix. You definitely have to be motivated and really want it and be willing to change what needs to be changed. I so admire you for doing what you are doing and keeping yourself so motivated!!!! You go girl!!!!!

    I’m also writing to enter to win the T-spheres and here is my reason: I’m always on the go, I have one full time job, one part time and a part time business, which basically turns to be 2 full time jobs , ah and a husband… My way to release stress and keep focus is by exercising (which I have to do very early in the morning or there is no time otherwise). That being said, it would be nice to sit down for five minutes to relax while robbing the T-spheres in my head just like you described it the other day it sounded so good…

    Well I hope you have a great and energizing weekend.

    Take care,

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