Red Velvet …….

If you know me personally then you know my favorite food is Cake. Yup CAKE. I have always loved cake and not just because it’s sweet but because cake can be art. The time it takes to create something that is used to commemorate such occasions as birthdays, weddings, milestones and so many other monumental moments in ones life shouldn’t be taken so delicately.

My dream is to open a bakery, always has been, but this bakery wouldn’t be a healthy bakery first it would be a decadent sinfully butter cream filled shop with cup cakes and treats as far as the eye could see….. it would be HEAVEN.

But alas I haven’t won the powerball and my waist line doesn’t agree with my love of this sugary delight. My favorite flavor of cake is Red Velvet hands down, no question. It pays homage to my home state of Texas, and many other Southern states, and it’s the perfect combination of light meets dark.

But this post isn’t about Red Velvet Cake…. it’s about this new little devil by the name of Red Velvet Puppy Chow.


This little gem of a recipe is sweeping Pinterest, I’d like to meet the creator of this recipe and kiss her…. it’s OUTRAGEOUS! {And not healthy…. as if you didn’t already guess that by the title, the pictures, etc hahahaha}.

This is the recipe I used and I can’t wait to make this for Zac to hand out at his Valentine’s Party at school!

Red Velvet Puppy Chow:

-5 cups Rice chex

-2 tablespoons fat free cream cheese

-1 cup white chocolate chips

-1 cup Red Velvet cake mix (store bought, boxed cake mix)

-1 cup powdered sugar

Start by pouring your chex into a large bowl. set aside. Melt the white chocolate chips and cream cheese until smooth, pour over chex and mix until well coated, set aside. In a small bowl mix your cake mix and powdered sugar and then sprinkle over coated chex. Stir everything together until cereal is coated with powder. Proceed to DEVOUR.


I want to know what your favorite cake flavor is?

What’s your favorite recipe?

Healthy Wishes, T


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