Random Day….

Good Evening!

Today was a pretty random day. We did end up going down to the Super Wal Mart and it was PACKED! Like so packed I was getting claustrophobic in places. I love how everyone decides to go do a shopping when I decide to go do a shopping….I sound like my Mother, LOL. No but seriously it was ridiculous. We did get some good deals on ground turkey, egg plant was on sale, and tons of yellow squash on sale .50 per pound WOOOO. We adore yellow squash, I love to make my Chicken and Veggie “hash” with it, be on the look out for that meal this week.

After adventures in shopping, we stopped off for a quick bite at Smokey Bones. Ryan was so sad when they took the Shrimp Po’ Boy off the menu, but with an insider tip we found out it was BACK! It’s like that episode of The Osbourne’s where Jack goes nuts because the McRib was back, yea same thing. So Ryan had the Po Boy and I grabbed the Nutty Chicken salad! I asked for the Grilled Chicken instead of breaded and dressing on the side. This salad is mixed greens, chicken, strawberries, and pecans…..YUMMY!

After our delish lunch we came and unloaded our Wal Mart goodies and chilled for a bit while Zachary re-charged. A friend of ours had mentioned a Car Show going on in Warwick so before dinner we took a little ride. It was really neat, so many cool cars, a farmer’s market, and a band blasting Jimmy Buffet! So fun!

So now I shall leave you to pedal away as I watch Fast and Furious with the hubby. We saw it at the movies and loved it so we snagged it on DVD today! WOOOO WHOOO for Vin Diesel. Perfect movie after the car show.

Have a great night, and don’t forget to send in recipes and questions for this week’s Dear Tera! I already have a few really good questions picked out, so let’s add to it!!!

Good Night!

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