Rainy Day…

Good Evening Friends!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Friday and that you’re embarking on a wonderful weekend.

It was quite the rainy day today, and still is, here in New England. It’s so tough on the little one’s when it rains, I feel so bad Zachary just wants to play outside :(. So we drove around looking for something to do and ended up at Chuck E. Cheese. Wow that place hasn’t changed, but yet it had a new school feel. We went late afternoon so it wasn’t crowded at all. Kids were running and screaming as we walked in the door so Zachary was in fits of laughter just watching them. Ryan and I hit up the all you can eat salad bar and we ate in the dining room so Zachary could watch the show. Chuck E. and friends don’t come out dressed up anymore though, it’s all on flat screen TV’s and what not. Zachary didn’t seem to mind at all though. (Side Note-Ryan took pictures on his iPhone and he’s out right now so I will post them tomorrow!)

After Chuck E. Cheese we came home and crashed, Zachary ran around there like Tarzan LOL. I enjoyed an Oikos snack while the boy’s munched on banana and pita.

So now I sit all alone in silence….ahhhhh…..nothing but the rain and the whirring of Zachary’s monitor. Ryan is playing poker and Zac-A-Roo is passed out cold. He cut 2 more teeth today, more molars this time on top….if he loses them as fast as he’s been getting them I will be one broke Tooth Fairy!


Plans for the night include: finish munching this now soggy bowl of Grape Nuts and banana slices, make a nice cup of tea, curl up into bed and do some serious reading…..I heart you Jen Lancaster! Please find my site and let’s do lunch!

Have a super fun, safe, and HEALTHY weekend! See you all in the morning, when it’s supposed to be SUNNY!

G’Night and Sweet Dreams…..

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