Rain Boots…

Good Evening!

Today turned out to be a nice day after all! Zachary and I were able to stop by the park for some much needed outdoor fun, we swung by the mall to get him some new sneaks, and we arrived home there was a package waiting for him from his Mimi and Papa in Texas! Complete with tons of shorts and shirts, and RAIN BOOTS LOL. He wasn’t so sure about them at first, they were a little tough to walk in. We played outside tonight in the hose, well I watered the new flowers we are trying to grow and let’s just say he was in the way ;), and when we came back inside he wanted to play in his new boots. I wrestled his swim shorts off of him and he took off in his Little Swimmer diaper and the rain boots….



And after he finally got the other boot off he proceeded to run to every room in the house. So I was able to get in even more exercise!

So anyway, as I said earlier I was really excited to try my new Great Harvest Bread for lunch. It turned out to be really tasty, it had a great texture and I loved all of the multi-grain goodness. I had a little smear of All Natural PB and I sliced up an apple to go alongside, very nice light fresh lunch. Very filling too :)!

Now I’m just waiting on the hubby to get home, it was a slow work night so he is out early! Not sure what we will snack on, I’m thinking Sweet Potato muffins! I’ll let you know if I make them!! I do know that I’m pretty tired and I hope we can find something to watch on TV or a movie on demand. I want to get a good night’s sleep because I’m aiming to make it to the gym for 9am for Power Yoga! Fingers crossed the hubby will be awake! So I shall leave you now to go dig around the kitchen for something tasty! Have a great Friday night!

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