Providence Children’s Museum


Sorry for being MIA all day today but I made today Zachary day all day! We got another good night’s sleep, this time he woke me up at 8am…..I will take 8am over 6:30am ANY DAY! We got up, made breakfast, played in the living room, played outside with Daddy, lunch, nap, snack and then off to the Providence Children’s Museum!

This was our first visit but it won’t be our last! As I have said many times, Zachary LOVES watching other kids play and be happy and today he was surrounded by them! We had such a great time! Here are a few pictures!

As you can see he played with the little Water Works exhibit, loved it, so we went and purchased our own Water Works exhibit! Such a fun day!

So now onto GGH business!


Strawberry Banana Monster Shake

-1 small banana

-1 package frozen strawberries

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-3 cups of Fresh Spinach…..I needed the iron pick me up today

Put all goodies into blender, blend, pour and ENJOY



12 miles on the bike! While reading my new book, Such A Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster…..go get it!! Best book I have read in a long time, and I’m jealous because she made my dream a reality before I could do it! Her memoir is like a mirror to mine, well attitude and thought process wise LOL. It really is a wonderful read, I can’t put it down!

I feel like this girl is my soul mate LOL, Ryan thinks we could be sisters. Google image her and tell me what you think! Regardless, if you know me and know my humor then you will thoroughly enjoy this book!!! I highly suggest.

After the bike, and laughing hysterically, I put in 100 crunches!!! I also did 15 light weight reps for my flabby under arms, they wave like a free flying flag :).

Lunch: left over Tabouli and a pita with a nice glass of water and a lemon wedge

So that was our Sunday! So fun, so busy, but yet I feel oddly relaxed. I’m off to fold laundry and put towels into wash, story of my life. I’m thinking on snacking a bit…..maybe some GGH granola by Mix My Granola and some Oikos Strawberry yogurt!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friendly Reminders:

Amazing Grass-coupon has become available again enter HEALTHY at check out, only when going through the GGH site though! Click on the Amazing Grass jug to the right.

Mix My Granola- FREE shipping! You create it, you mix it,it’s all about YOU! It’s so cheap and with FREE shipping why not try it! Plus, they send you a $3 off coupon with your order if you order NOW! to my page for fun recipes, restaurant reviews, and much more

Sweet Dreams!

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