Ah Sunday… means so many different things to everyone. Relaxation, family time, worship, football, work…..whatever Sunday is for you I hope it was wonderful!

My Sunday was pretty nice. I started out by scrubbing the house and downing Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks with a dash of Egg Nog flavored creamer!!! YUM-O! The hubby went to watch his basketball team do their thing this morning. (Back story-he hasn’t played because 2 weeks ago his shoulder was dislocated when someone fell on it during a game) He cheered happily from the sidelines and they WON! They’re in 1st place! Yea and boo….I know it’s hard for the hub. He LOVES basketball and to be unable to play must be hard for him, not to mention it makes me sad because I know he loves it. But anyway…..

He had a poker game here this afternoon during the Pats/Panthers game with his buddies…..

 and I went shopping with Zachary! Wahwhooo!!!

It was fun to shop too, because I’m all done with Christmas shopping! Today was all about enjoyment shopping and picking up goodies for the Cookie Swap party that I’m co-hosting with my Mom In Law and Aunt In Law this Thursday! I’m looking forward to it very much. Should be a fun girls night in :). We are having cocktails/martini’s and lots of girlie picky foods!!! I adore parties like that. I hope it goes well so we can make it into a yearly tradition that all of the ladies look forward to.

Allright, so let’s get down to business…..

It’s been brought to my attention that Vitamins and Supplements need to be discussed. As usual I want to remind you that the following is simply my opinion and I’m not a doctor! Before starting any new meds or diet plans please consult your doctor, THANK YOU! Ok….so…..

I asked around via Twitter and Facebook today if any of you take supplements/vitamins and I have to say that the answers were overwhelmingly the same! Yes to vitamins and no to supplements! AWESOME!!!! I don’t think that dietary supplements are a positive way to lose weight simply because it doesn’t teach you how to effectively keep the weight off. Sure it helps you get there fast and not be hungry, but have you learned anything along the way other than starvation? The most effective way to lose weight is the good ol diet and exercise. And as you’ve seen right here on GGH, it WORKS! I don’t eat just salads or drink just water and I don’t starve myself either. It’s all about choices, portions, and learning to get active. So toss the Xenadrine or Xantrax and get HEALTHY the right way!!!!

As for vitamins….you can’t really go wrong. I was pleased to see I wasn’t the only one still taking my prenatals! I love them because they are chalked full of everything good and they are coated so I don’t feel nauseated afterwards. I take Natalle-EZ, love them! I also drink a nize 8 oz glass of Good Belly everyday! It has probiotics!! Wikipedia defines probiotics as: “Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”.

Good Belly Probiotic info:

A Probiotic By Any Other Name

Probiotics have proven to be an extremely important factor in human health. They’vebeen found to improveyour digestive system and strengthen your immunity. But they’re not all the same. Learn moreabout choosing the right probiotic for you, and why we’ve chosen to use Lp299v and Bi-07 as the probiotics in GoodBelly.

I feel AWESOME since I began drinking Good Belly daily! No sniffles, stomach aches, NOTHING but a true healthy “pick me up” feeling! Follow Good Belly on Twitter and tell my friend Ariel that Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!  

Also another awesome, this has nothing to do with probiotics LOL, treat I have been enjoying is all natural peanutbutter! We found it at Start My Diet in Johnston, RI and it’s made right here in Cranston, RI! I’m toatlly digging the Chocolate flavor right now and at 15 grams of protein per serving, low fat,low carb, and low cals I’m digging it alot!


If you are in the Cranston/Johnston area stop by Start My Diet and check it out! Follow this link and become a Fan on Facebook! Tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!

Plus he has some awesome events coming up, check it out!

 1478 ATWOOD AVE. JOHNSTON, RI 401.632.9326
Saturday, December 19, 2009
12:00pm – 4:00pm

Gaspari Nutrition will be at Start My Diet!

Speaking of AWESOME products and super Healthy GGH friends…..

What Makes You Merry?! To win this contest you simply have to Tweet/Follow LARABAR (and me) What Makes YOU Merry! What sort of Healthy activities make you Merry during the Holiday season?! Easy to win huh?! Our friends at LARABAR will be providing the sensational prize for this contest! You will win a sample pack of their incredible all natural and  vegan friendly bars, plus a super cute T Shirt! They sent a box of goodies to me, and it was AWESOME!!

Check it out!teralarabar2

YUM-O right?! YOU might be receiving this same box-o-goodies!! AND a T-Shirt! WOW! Simply Tweet and Follow don’t forget to tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya!


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