Priorities-Superiority in rank, position, or privilege.

Tonight’s post is either going to make me or break me. I may step on a few toes, annoy a few people, or I might just down right upset you. But, I feel like this post needs to be written and that some of us need to take a step back and re-evaluate what’s important to us.

If you’ve been reading GGH lately you know that we are in a Challenge to be fit, healthy, and hot by 4th of July. The Challenge is called 89 Days, and if you’re interested in joining up just comment on this post and pledge your commitment.

I feel very strongly that to be 100% successful in one’s life style change or weight loss journey it’s very important to step back and look at where we are in our current life. When I decided enough was enough I was at a very low point in my life. I was way way way over weight, a new mom, and completely depressed. I would do anything and everything for everyone but myself. I would spend money on the dumbest things and sought comfort in food, TV, and my son. I hardly left the house or my room for that matter.

On the morning that I had my little ephiany and decided to clean house of all things sugar filled and fattening, I looked at myself in the mirror. Like LITERALLY looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t done that since I was 6 months pregnant, and I realized that the girl looking back at me was someone I didn’t even know. I had always known exactly what I wanted and what it was going to take to get it. And now I stood in my bathroom a hot mess with a sick and crying child in the next room. I immediately made a list. A serious list. This list included tons of goals and changes I needed/wanted to make. Some of these goals where easily attainable and some I’m still working on 2 years later. I re-evaluated my priorities and realized that I needed to make myself #1! I know being a wife and mother that my husband and son should come first, but I can’t be the wife and mom I need to be if I don’t take¬†care of me.

So, by now some of you are probably shaking your heads and realizing how easy it is to put ourselves on the back burner. I also realized that instead of spending my money on snacks, coffees, and other non necessity items I needed to save and spend it on items that would make me actually feel good. Like feel good in the long run, not just the 2.5 seconds it took me to inhale a Snicker’s bar. (And we all know that while we devour the Snicker’s bar it’s bliss, but as you toss the wrapper your throwing up in your mouth over the fact that you ate it.)

Here comes the ballsy part……It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate. Are those $60 shoes that you might wear once really worth it, how about the concert tickets…..$200 for 2 hrs and the people you’re trying to see are the size of ants, or maybe the daily $5 lattes, whatever the “vice” is try to let it go. Think of what healthy items that $60 could buy you, that $200 could pay for almost an entire year at the gym, and the $5 lattes add up to an extra $35 a week in your pocket. Once you get in a mind set of surrounding yourself with things that will give you long lasting, healthy, benefits you’ll be surprised at things begin to fall into place. And when things begin to fall into place, your life becomes organized and here comes the best part…..THE POUNDS MELT OFF!

Seriously, once I started to make changes in ALL areas of my life the weight was just melting. I actually looked forward to working out, it became enjoyable and not mundane. It felt ok and good to spend money on a trainer, or on healthy food/products because they were benefiting me.

I hope this post has helped those of you who have emailed me about this, as well as everyone else who’s reading. And if I have offeneded anyone please accept my apologies.

Have a wonderful night friends!!!

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2 thoughts on “Priorities”

  • If you did offend anyone oh well sometimes people need to hear the truth. What you posted is what I’m going through myself. Prorities!!! I feel I am at a point oin my life where I need to me. Being diagnosed with Diabetes I realized I’m not invincible I need to slow down I need to take of me. But not be selffish I am a fulltime mom and a fulltime worker at my job a fulltime wife too! These jobs all require my attention and I feel that negelecting my health is my bad. I’m so upset for not in the beginning living a healthy lifestyle. I am hardcore now about eating right and exercise I’m excited to do the P90x and I want to be a role model to my kids that eating right and living healthy is the right way to go. I don’t want them to be obese and have to worry about adult illnesses it can be all prevented. Thanks Tera for posting the blog!

  • I don’t think anything you said should offend anyone – I think it’s a good dose of reality to be honest. Every time I work out I always get mad at myself for letting me gain the 60 lbs I worked so hard to lose 2 yrs ago – BUT during my workout I take all that anger and frustration and push myself harder. I believe it’s what keeps me going – to get back into all the cute summer clothes I can’t get into yet, to run up and down the stairs without being out of breath, to go around the 2 mile path I walk in 30 mins or less – I KNOW I can do it again.

    sometimes a good dose of reality is what we need to remind us what matters the most.

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