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So I am surrounded by pregnant people. Literally surrounded… my “real” life, in my online/blogging life, friends back home etc etc… I just can’t escape the pregnancy or birth announcements. This is a bit of a sore subject as I’ve been wanting a second little one for quite sometime. So after I sniffled and thumbed through Zac’s baby albums I decided to dedicate a blog post to all of you pregnant ladies, and since it makes me sad I decided to have Katie Moore do it for me ;).

Take it away Katie!!

Prepare Your Body for Birth with Exercise

Before giving birth, a woman needs to physically prepare her body for delivery. The best way to do this is with exercise. Not only did exercise help me stay in shape and to look my best, it helped to prepare my body for the event of childbirth by strengthening my muscles. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy were astounding—pregnant women who exercise sleep, look, and feel better. Exercise during pregnancy also helps with maintaining lower stress level.

Pregnant women get a lot of benefits from exercise, but women who are not pregnant also get a lot out of exercise. Those who have recently had a baby will get their bodies in shape faster, and women who have never had a baby will be fit and healthy.

Like anything else, exercise does come with risks to counteract the benefits it provides. Pregnant women should be especially cognizant of the risks posed by exercising, which include overheating and injury. Not all exercises are safe for expectant mothers and women should choose to do the exercises that feel the most comfortable and stop immediately if anything hurts.

Before a woman starts any exercise program, she needs to speak with her doctor to find out what exercises are considered safe and what is considered dangerous to her. Women should talk not only about exercise with their doctors, but also about pregnancy and delivery topics like cord blood banking, pain management medicine, circumcision, and even diet to ensure they are making the best decisions possible.


Walking was one of the easiest and safest exercises for when I was pregnant. Since women can’t avoid walking for the duration of their pregnancies, they should take advantage of it since it is so easy to do. To make sure women are getting the best possible result from walking, they need to wear the right shoes, drink plenty of water, and not walk during the heat of the day. Early morning and evening walks were better for me while I was pregnant because that time of day is cooler, which reduced my risk of becoming overheated.


Swimming is not only fun, it is healthy. Doctors recommended swimming as exercise while I was expecting because it allowed me to work my muscles and prepare my body for childbirth without adding pressure to my joints. Additionally, swimming was a great form of exercise because it kept me cool, which made it virtually impossible to overheat.


Going on a bike ride was a great way to reduce stress, get a little exercise, and get some fresh air. However, pregnant women should try to do their biking on a stationary bike because their chance of falling off and injuring themselves or their unborn child is smaller. Taking a bike ride around the park or neighborhood is great during early pregnancy, but as a woman’s body begins to grow her center of balance shifts, which makes her more prone to falling off a bike.


Yoga was another great form of exercise. Most yoga techniques are safe for expectant moms, and some classes are specially designed for pregnant women. Yoga helped to prepare the body for birth, and to reduce any stress that I felt while I was pregnant.

Remember to do what your doctor recommends would be best. Have fun with it and relax as you are preparing for your baby to be born!

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